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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Freshman Rep. Jake Auchincloss, a Democrat, has begun turning to an unusual source when trying to decide whether he wants to work with a Republican he thinks makes a good point during committee hearings: Google. The Massachusetts lawmaker says he knows his constituents want him to work across the aisle, but he's drawing "a sharp red line" at working with Republicans who voted not to certify the Electoral College results as part of then-President Donald Trump's failed bid to overturn his election defeat. read more

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Outgoing President Donald Trump and his family were not among the 143 11th-hour pardons issued shortly after midnight on Trump's last day in office, leading many to fret that he could still issue secret "pocket pardons" that only come to light when the recipients are charged with crimes. The flurry of pardons had some breathing a sigh of relief that Trump hadn't included himself in this latest batch, and while others noted that the day was still young, MSNBC host and Congress Nerd Lawrence O'Donnell raised another concern. read more


Clown, having decided to blame Democrats for the travesty of 1/6/21, i.e. the Republican party's blatantly seditious strategy of ginning up the rabble with bald faced lies about "Saving the Steal", walking them to the Capitol and successfully inciting the faux-raged traitor-terrorista murderers to attack America's Capitol, Government institutions, and way of life you are walking the long way home by choosing to blame the victims rather than the perps. You remember, those who proudly brayed about their "patriotic" conspiracy to rape, torture and kill our elected Government Representatives.

You are gonna have to splain me how you come to your conclusion totally ignoring the instigators, and instead, blaming the victims.

The event was initiated, financed, cheered, and celebrated by the Republican Party, President, and members of the Senate, and US Congress.

Lets cut the BS about how the Dems "failed" and place the blame where it belongs. Republicans lavished their time, strategy, effort, hateful demagoguery, and lots and lots of Republican money, in a traitorous domestic terrorism attempt to overturn a Legal, legitimate U.S. Election.

Odds are, this was planned, and implemennted by Republicans on Government time
and dime.

Splain us the how a you justify the liberal, self-loathing schtick.

There will be consequences for the conspirators up and down the chain of responsibility. The Investigation will provide everything needed to take serious action. Hard to punish first and investigate post facto.

As Mick Jaggar asked, "Watsa matta witchoo Boy?"

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