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All but one drive-through voting site in Harris County closed amid Texas legal battle

A Houston-area county clerk announced late Monday that he would close almost all drive-thru voting sites on Election Day, hours after a federal judge ruled against Republican plaintiffs who sought to throw out 127,000 ballots cast by drive-thru voting in the Democratic-leaning county.

In a series of tweets announcing the decision, Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins (D) wrote that he "cannot in good faith encourage voters to cast their votes in tents if that puts their votes at risk."



Forgiven debt, even business' forgiven debt, is income.

Of course, there are bankruptcy laws (Written by both parties)

Then there are the commercials all the time about getting out of tax debts - pennies on the dollar.

So, don't pay your bills that you agreed to pay.
Then, when it's considered income and you have to pay tax on it, don't.
Then, pay pennies on the dollar on the tax you owe.

All people have the opportunity to try to get money, not pay it back, and get off of paying it.

It's the American way.

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