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All presidents lie. Biden lies too, as when he denied voting for the Hyde amendment during a primary debate. One hopes that the media will treat him harshly when does it again, both to be consistent with the more strident scrutiny they have directed at Trump the last four years and to better serve their readers and viewers. But it doesn't look likely.


CNN's Acosta Says Press Shouldn't Try to Whip Up the Biden Presidency' Like They Did to Trump. (This a quote)
Once again, another member of the mainstream media' has proven that he's nothing but a Democrat Party hack pretending to be a journalist.

Enter CNN's senior White House correspondent, Jim Acosta.


Double Standard: CNN Reporters Admit They Will Go Easy on the Biden-Harris Administration.
It is no secret CNN reporters Jim Acosta and Daniel Dale are biased journalists, but a silver lining with an incoming Biden-Harris administration is that they have to at least admit to being media hacks.

In an interview with The Atlantic about how reporters will approach covering a different administration, Acosta, who made a name for himself being an aggressive questioner and getting into verbal spats with Trump and his press team, said he will not be using the same tactic:

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