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So I figured I'd comment as an actual Catholic who had an ear to the ground inside Catholic sources..

Last time a vote like this took place was in 2004 against the backdrop of John Kerry who also is a pro choice Catholic in deviance of Church teaching. 20 bishops went on record saying they would not allow him to have communion in their jurisdiction.

So how did the number go from 20 to 150+ in 15 years? it didn't.

There's a problem of Eucharistic understanding inside the Church with 2/3 of Catholics not understanding what the Eurcharist is. For reference, Catholics teach that the Eucharistic (bread and wine) is ACTUALLY the body/blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ..like not a symbol or some spiritual presence but it ceases to be bread and wine and ACTUALLY because Jesus..this ofcourse is scandalous but it is and has always been Church teaching.

So while those in the media have spun this as some sort of weapon against Biden and certainly some Bishops are using this as a weapon..the broader consensus is that all the faithful need to understand what it is they are receiving and present themselves (or not) accordingly. This teaching document will likely include steps so that all people have clear guidelines of when or when they should not share in the Eucharist..

Finally, for those that say that we shouldn't make the Eucharist devicive under any circumstances fail to recognize the Church had always (even and including St. Paul) used the Eucharistic as a visible symbol of who is in and who is out..so this is nothing new..

The problematic part is some Bishops are trying to punish some politicians for violating certain church teachings while ignoring clear violations of others..which is the definition of selective enforcement for a political wing of a certain political party..

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