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Thursday, January 26, 2023

A Sioux Falls businessman charged with possession of child pornography is awaiting his next court appearance. According to court documents filed in Lincoln County, on September 25th of 2022, an employee at the electronic service provider Dropbox saw a file believed to be child pornography. That cyber tip was passed on to an agent with the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation. Agents then searched a home belonging to Rocky Hayes near a Harrisburg elementary school. Court papers say they found two additional videos on an external hard drive in his home office. As of 2020, Rocky Hayes was listed as the chairman of the Jones County Republican party.

Patch reports that in March 2011, Santos commented on a Facebook photo shared by a friend showing "someone making what appears to be a military salute with the caption something like Hitler'." Commenting below, Santos allegedly wrote: "hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh hiiiiiiiiiiiitlerrrrrrrrrrr (hight hitler) lolololololololololololol sombody kill her!! the jews and black mostly lolllolol!!! Dum." A former friend told the outlet they recalled seeing the offensive comment, took a screenshot and sent it along. Patch says it also "verified through another former friend, Gregory Morey-Parker, that the original Facebook post under which Santos wrote the Hitler comment existed." Presumably that will not be the case for very long. Morey-Parker, who was also once roommates with Santos, also told Patch that the newly sworn-in congressman would regularly make offensive jokes, typically about paying the bill for meals, "but he brushed it off saying he was Jewish.

Over the past several months, the leading Republican presidential candidate has launched a series of racist attacks on the wife of the Republican Party's Senate leader, a woman who once served in his Cabinet. read more

Members of the Proud Boys are reportedly telling former President Donald Trump to stand back and stand by for a subpoena. read more

Republicans' Faustian bargain -- accepting the lies in return for power -- meant that truth, honesty, character, and integrity were no longer requirements for public service in the GOP. Plenty of them take advantage of the new rules. read more


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