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Trump is FAR from the only one with sense enough to suggest this.

This virus is:

- Rugged and hardy, can survive outside a host for hours, days even.
- Highly mobile and contagious
- Airborne
- Fast moving
- Mutable (8 different strains already)

This thing is on earth now, and it's not going away any time soon, if ever. With this thing's durability, I would expect it to become a "seasonal" illness just like the flu. I expect we will have "Seasonal COVID" pretty much from now on.

What this means is there is no way to escape it. Every single living human WILL come into contact, and WILL be infected with it. "Flattening the curve" doesn't mean you won't get it. It just means everyone will not get it at the same time, and overwhelm the medical system. But you WILL be exposed to it sooner or later. And those that it will kill is predetermined.

In the meantime, we are ruining, if not outright destroying the lives of 98% of the population in order to protect the 2% that it is going to kill sooner or later, the vast majority of which suffer medical ailments that are going to be dead in a year or two already.

Millions of our young people, just now getting started with their lives, their families, their jobs and careers, their homes are facing job losses, loss of health insurance, eviction and repossession of their homes, and financial ruin that will take them a decade to recover from, if they ever do, all to maybe, possibly, hopefully protect people like me (I'm 65).

I've taken my shot, built and worked my career, married and had children, and it's been a great ride. I wouldn't change anything. But it's time for some of us to get off the ride now so the next generation can have their ride.

I'm not so selfish that I am willing to stand by and watch the government ruin the next generation's DECADES of life, so I can selfishly cling to a few more for myself.

Drudge Retort

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