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"The putrid orange jizzfart said he was going end American carnage and then oversaw the biggest jump in the number of homicides in US history."

No, Super Gremlins...On Demon Time (shoutout Black Gen Z Mindset) are responsible for the uptick in chaos, death and violence that the story says isn't happening.

I didn't see a 16 year old YT shooting up a Halloween party (Indianapolis Mass Shooting) because he was denied entry.


Looking at the memorial for my hometown, I see zero evidence of the jizzfart (you men and your homoerotic terms)whacking a woman's sister and then come back and kill her later.


How many of these "mass shootings" did the jizzfart or his followers carry out?


Until you liberals admit to who's doing what and who raised them, this will not stop.

The only thing that will stop this is when some of you get hurt.

Drudge Retort

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