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Oh look at him with hit Lebron statement.

Just who is hunting people like him?

Dillon or the Demon, Goon or Super Gremlin?

Once again, the faces of the dead show who is doing the killing.

I'm going to guess that very few of the "POC" on this list were hunted down by YT.


Dillon or Treveqion?


Slave Catchers or Keisha's Finest?

In this incident, the SG's decided to head over to the hospital to finish the job.


YT doesn't have to hunt us, we're (the spawn of the Black single mother-shout out Tommy Sotomayor) are doing the work for Jed.

"Howdy ya'll. This is Bernie Crosshouse, yours truly of the KKK. I would like to express our deepest gratitude at the destruction of the inferior BEEP race.

And I'm especially pleased to report that it is destroyin' itself without our help.

To all you gangs, hoodlums, drug pushers and users and other worthless BEEP killin' each other, we'd like to thank ya'll for savin' us the time, trouble and legality for the final chapter of riddin' ya'll off the face of the Earth.

Your solution to our problem is greatly appreciated, so keep sellin' us your soul.

Thank ya!!!"

Presented in an artistic and historical context.

Public Enemy
"The Enemy Strikes Black"

"I won't blame the students when they snap."

It would appear that "they" have already snapped in Philly.

100 Shot this year!


Because of Dillion or Donqavious?


As an FYI, these young Demons typically "snap" around 10 years old thanks to the upbringing they receive. After that, they are into the Crash Out and Opp Culture and other Super Gremlin activity and take that ish to the next level.


"Your sympathy for Nazi is amusing. Said no-one."

Your lack of common sense is "amusing" o lame on.

I'll say it one more time. Goons like this who walk into stores full of Black people and light it up are FEW and FAR between.

Folks on this site (thanks o wise white people for protecting us Blacks) act as if this @#$# happens every day and is the greatest the to the Black community/communitah.

It isn't.

If I'm to be murdered, it won't be because of Dillon with a manifesto, it will probably because I took a stray after Dequanavious (real name) hit that switch three blocks away as he was slidin' on his opps.

Since this assault in Jacksonville, there were 7 "mass shootings" including one in a Black (gynocracy) run small town.

Who do you think did that? Dillon or Dequanavious?

Time to get out of your female like feelings, analyze the data and make real comment.

I know, I get it.

Real comments backed by data don't keep old people on this message board day and night.

Tell you what, go to Mother Jones and search for their mass shooting data set.

It can be downloaded as a .csv.

Analyze it using Excel.

Oh wait, you don't know how to use Excel, cut back on your site visits here by 10% and you'll be an expert.

If you're too lazy, check out the mass shooter tracker.

Please show me the shootings carried out by Dillon against Black people.

Dillon is too busy killing his family to care about assaulting a store full of Black people.

You will notice the "mass shootings" are concentrated in urban areas, small black (gynocracies) run towns or towns where these Super Gremlins have migrated to courtesy of Keisha and her housing voucher.


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