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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

In Japan, bukkake udon is a traditional noodle dish that's especially popular in the summertime. The word "bukkake" refers to the "splashing" of the savoury broth. Yes, also means something else. Because of that... the noodle chain Marugame has renamed the dish at its US locations, calling it "B.K." read more

A spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram, said the feature "does not violate our policies". The social networking service also added that swastika "can be used in cultural context that predates Nazism", but there is no plan to take it down. read more

The Buddhist swastika appears on the Japanese-language manga title and throughout the original anime of Tokyo Revengers, but it has been removed from the anime's English language release, apparently because it might cause confusion with the Nazi swastika. read more

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Jackie Mason, the sometimes-controversial standup comedian who unapologetically embraced Jewish themes and political incorrectness, achieving a national profile through a series of successful one-man shows on Broadway without substantial work in film or television, died Saturday in Manhattan. He was 93. read more

Friday, July 23, 2021

Martin Belam: Three series is the usual tenure for an actor playing the Doctor, so rumours are rife that Jodie Whittaker is about to step down. But what if, instead of a new Doctor, the show actually needs something a doctor might prescribe to an exhausted patient -- a rest. read more


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