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Anybody from the kids in America to the Bernie sanders in America touting the virtues of a 'Medicare for All' healthcare system doesn't know how Medicare actually works. First, Medicare counts on negotiated 'contract' pricing with the healthcare service providers for the various medical needs and services and facilities involved. Second, Medicare then pays 80% of the contracted prices. Third, to avoid bankruptcy the patients MUST carry Medicare supplemental insurance from PRIVATE Insurance carriers (who would no longer exist) to pay the other 20% not paid for by Medicare. Fourth not every doctor and hospital takes Medicare patients because to the contracted prices. Fifth, Medicare does NOT cover every single procedure or medical service done. Who pays for that? Sixth, Medicare DOES NOT pay for prescriptions/drugs - dental needs - vision needs and hearing needs. Who pays for all of those needs?

Sure Bernie and his loyal legion of communist imbeciles expect us to believe that the GOVERNMENT will pay for ALL of the medical, dental, vision, drug, and hearing services (and mental illnesses, too) that Medicare today covers at 80% and doesn't even cover, at all.

Pete Buttiege correctly asks Bernie .. how is all that new cost -- somewhere north of $5 TRILLION/year -- going to be paid for by our government (US) ? AND what happens IF the hospitals and doctors refuse to accept the government's new medicare for all contracted pricing that pays a fraction of what the abolished private sector insurance systems paid them? Where do any of us go for our medical needs??

Bernie and the politicians have an already great healthcare program that I am, sure will NEVER be replaced by his new medicare for all system. It's odd that Bernie and warren and all those commies in Washington are not offering to put ALL Americans in their healthcare system. Wonder why??

IMPEACHMENT is the 'death sentence' for any politician or judge. The impeached person is removed from office and can never hold public office again.

To watch impeachment used at the political whim of the Dems against Pres trump because the House majority Dems COULD do that is maddening.

Nancy and her legion of Trump hating Dems could have censured Pres Trump. They could have done some other method of showing their disapproval of the President. BUT they chose to IMPEACH the President, something only 2 other Presidents had ever experienced in our nation's history, and neither was convicted.

Then to watch the Dems clamor that not only was the President on 'trial' so was the Senate. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Our Founding Fathers established the Impeachment process in the manner it is so that impeachments are significantly serious matters. Yes, the HOUSE majority can easily pass the IMPEACHMENT vote with a simple majority of the House members. BUT our Founders put the HOUSE (not the Senate) on trail in an impeachment process when they made an impeachment conviction 2/3rds (a super majority) of the Senate. It was easy for the House Dems to pass an impeachment verdict. BUT then THEY had to convince and compel 67 Senators to join them to convict Pres trump. And they failed miserably .. the House couldn't even get 50 votes to convict with the help of Repub Mitt Romney and 6 US Dem Senators who all have bashed Trump and are/were running for President in 2020.

What an impeachment HOAX the House placed upon America. Sadly nearly $5 million to pay for the impeachment was paid by us taxpayers when Nancy took the money out of the Medicare funding intended for the elderly medical needs. How dastardly of the Dems!!!

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