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Thursday, December 01, 2022

A federal appeals court panel on Thursday halted an outside review of thousands of documents seized from former president Donald Trump's Florida residence, ruling that a lower-court judge was wrong to appoint an expert to decide whether any of the material should be shielded from criminal investigators. read more

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Donald Trump reported losses on his tax returns every year for a decade ... read more

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Elie Mystal: Under John Roberts, the idea that the Supreme Court can police itself has been revealed to be an utter farce. Roberts tries to paint a rosy scenario, but the reality is that the court has become an ethical disaster under his watch. It will likely continue to be one, so long as he is in charge. read more

Monday, November 21, 2022

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis' administration has declined to issue fines after over 14,000 violations of a sex trafficking law by Florida hotels and lodging establishments. An investigation published on Sunday by the Sun Sentinel found that 6,669 hotels and other lodging establishments had received 14,279 citations since a 2019 sex trafficking law required them to make modest changes to protect victims. read more

House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy served further notice Sunday that his potential speakership will be politically volatile, saying he will try to keep three high-profile Democrats off of certain committees. McCarthy has targeted Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee; and Reps. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., members of the House Intelligence Committee. read more


Before I continue, I just read something for the very first time that changes things immensely: Fierro DID still have the handgun when the additional police arrived on the scene. More information:

When police arrived a few minutes later, the gunman was no longer struggling, Mr. Fierro said. Mr. Fierro said he feared that he had killed him.

Mr. Fierro was covered in blood. He got up and frantically lurched around in the dark, looking for his family. He spotted his friends on the floor. One had been shot several times in the chest and arm. Another had been shot in the leg.

As more police filed in, Mr. Fierro said he started yelling like he was back in combat. Casualties. Casualties. I need a medic here now. He yelled to the police that the scene was clear, the shooter was down, but people needed help. He said he took tourniquets from a young police officer and put them on his bleeding friends. He said he tried to speak calmly to them as he worked, telling them they would be OK.

He spied his wife and daughter on the edge of the room, and was about to go to them when he was tackled.

Officers rushing into the chaotic scene had spotted a blood-spattered man with a handgun, not knowing if he was a threat. They put him in handcuffs and locked him in the back of a police car for what seemed like more than an hour. He said he screamed and pleaded to be let go so that he could see his family.

Eventually, he was freed. www.nytimes.com

As I stated earlier, "Unless there's more to the story than is being currently reported, there was ZERO need to cuff and detain the injured Fierro for more than an hour. N-o-n-e" and there was more to the story than was initially reported which places everything into a different light. So be it.

I still think that it's fair to ask why the first cops and witnesses didn't vouch for Fierro long before an hour had to pass, but since he still was in possession of the hand gun his detainment was obviously justified.


I'm not wrong, you are. You cherry-picked information without acknowledging the facts. 1. The police who initially showed up and found Fierro on top of the assailant immediately took the suspect into custody, since Fierro "handed off" Aldrich to the police.

THEN, "Fierro went to find his friends, both of whom had been shot and were being treated with tourniquets by first responders. "I put her hand in his hand so they could be together," he said.

Fierro was attending to the wounded, he was NOT IN CUSTODY nor being detained by the first police responders who had the shooter in custody along with the weapons. Fierro DID NOT have a weapon when the other police arrived, so again, you've invented something that didn't happen. There were no gunshots to run to because all the shooting had ended BEFORE the first police arrived. Again, you have no idea of what you're talking about!

Then, "As other officers arrived, Fierro said, they treated him with suspicion. They interrupted him as he gave first aid to a friend, he said, and "dragged me out of there like I was the shooter." He said he was held in a police car for an hour before authorities released him to reunite with his wife and daughter.

During that hour plus, "He said he was held in a police car for more than an hour, and screamed and pleaded to be let go so that he could see what had happened to his family.

I tire of you following me around and besmirching what I state with clarity and without ambiguity. From the very first post I've also added this: Again, unless there's something very vital missing, Rich's treatment was beyond the pale. I gave the police allowances yet so far, this has been their response to what Fierro claimed happened to him: "Police did not return calls seeking to confirm Fierro's account.

You quote speculation, I quote the participant himself. It is you who need to take a step back, and reread this entire thread. There is still no justification for late arriving police to see Fierro attending to the wounded and THEN decide to tackle and detain him. They could have asked him to step away and question him in whatever manner they chose, but why the need for handcuffs and isolated detainment? There was no need for that level of force against Fierro, period. I have never stated that the police didn't need to ask questions and ascertain what he just happened. My only point is that the time, way and manner they chose to detain Fierro was an abuse, full stop. It was unnecessary and only points to the lack of professionalism and training these police displayed by tearing a grieving father away from caring for his injured family and friends, treating him as a criminal after he'd just placed his own life on the line to save not only his family but also all those inside the club by taking his heroic actions.

And your impressions from his interviews are worth exactly zero. People have watches and clocks are ubiquitous. There is no indication that he wasn't aware of exactly how much time he was detained. You've simply made up your own scenario from your fertile imagination. As I stated before, I'm quoting the story as reported. You're inventing extenuating circumstances for which there is ZERO evidence that they ever happened.

More reporting:

Minutes later, the first police officer arrived. "I was in the middle of a puddle of blood," Fierro said.

After handing off to the police, Fierro went to find his friends, both of whom had been shot and were being treated with tourniquets by first responders.

"I put her hand in his hand so they could be together," he said.

As other officers arrived, Fierro said, they treated him with suspicion. They interrupted him as he gave first aid to a friend, he said, and "dragged me out of there like I was the shooter." He said he was held in a police car for an hour before authorities released him to reunite with his wife and daughter. Police did not return calls seeking to confirm Fierro's account.


This even makes it worse. The first responding police weren't the ones detaining Fierro, it was the Johnny-come-lately officers dragging him into cuffs as he was giving others first aid.

Am I really the only one who thinks that these police were in the wrong for how they treated Fierro after reading all the above details? Fierro "handed off" the assailant to the first police who arrived and started to help the injured and dying. Then later-arriving cops "dragged him out of there like (he) was the shooter." In what world is this acceptable and normal? Why was he treated as the criminal after other police already knew that he wasn't, and instead was the actual hero who saved countless lives?

And here's how the police treat a hero who placed his own life in danger to protect others:

As the fight continued, he said, he yelled for other club patrons to help him. A man grabbed the rifle and moved it away to safety. A drag dancer stomped on the gunman with her high heels. The whole time, Mr. Fierro said, he kept pummeling the shooter's head while the two men screamed obscenities at each other.

When police arrived a few minutes later, the gunman was no longer struggling, Mr. Fierro said, and he feared that he had killed him. The suspect in the shooting was taken into custody and remained hospitalized on Monday afternoon.

Mr. Fierro said he was covered in blood when the police arrived, and officers tackled him and put him in handcuffs. He said he was held in a police car for more than an hour, and screamed and pleaded to be let go so that he could see what had happened to his family.

Mr. Fierro, who owns a local brewery, said that on combat deployments in the Army, he had been shot at and had seen roadside bombs shred trucks in his platoon. His record shows that he was awarded the Bronze Star twice. The experiences of combat still haunt him, he said, and the psychological and physical toll of the deployments were why he left the Army.

He said he never thought he would have to deal with that kind of violence at home.

"I was done with war," he said.

What the actual F?!?!!!! The police cuffed him and held him for an HOUR after he saved countless lives? It doesn't take an hour to figure out that Fierro was the hero, not the criminal here. WTF is wrong with law enforcement in Colorado Springs?

So, the loan terms people are complaining about regarding loan balances actually increasing.....who issued or controls those loans?

It's both, but only federal loans are being forgiven by this action. The issues that make student loans different than every other loan is multifaceted. First, everyone that qualifies will receive one, and the interest accrual begins instantly even though payments aren't required under after the person either finishes with a degree or drops out of school. 34% of those eligible for relief do not have any degree whatsoever but still have student loan debt from their attempt to obtain one.

Secondly, loan recipients repayments come with allowed pauses along with repayment plans based on income - which in many cases means that the interest continues to grow regardless, often leaving borrowers with much higher balances than what they actually borrowed, and for many of those who've paid as agreed for years or decades, they still owe more than their original loan amounts even if they've already made payments equal to or greater than the principal.

Lastly, due to the insistence of Republicans - the same group most vehemently against this relief - student loan debt was made non-dischargable in bankruptcy proceedings, meaning that 5% of outstanding student loans are owed by senior citizens, many who have their Social Security checks garnished for repayment. Can you imagine Republicans overhauling bankruptcy to exempt entrepreneurial borrowing? Well, isn't that precisely what people seeking college degrees are doing for themselves by trying to improve their own marketability? It's reprehensible that these loans were even targeted in the first place and only again proves that the GOP will do everything possible to make life harder for those already with the odds against them.

The income cap was placed that high for a couple of very salient reasons. One, depending upon where one lives - ie., in more expensive areas within the U.S. - the small percentage at the top end (5%) are indeed negatively impacted by student loan debt due to their higher cost of living. These people may have 6 figure salaries, but they by no means aren't equally as needy as lower income debtors. And two, Department of Education estimates that, among borrowers who are no longer in school, nearly 90% of relief dollars will go to those earning less than $75,000 a year.. www.whitehouse.gov

And perhaps most importantly, are those relief recipients who also received Pell Grants.

Nearly every Pell Grant recipient came from a family that made less than $60,000 a year, and Pell Grant recipients typically experience more challenges repaying their debt than other borrowers.

Pell Grant recipients are more than 60% of the borrower population. The Department of Education estimates that roughly 27 million borrowers will be eligible to receive up to $20,000 in relief, helping these borrowers meet their economic potential and avoid economic harm from the COVID-19 pandemic. (same link as above)

I have never argued that it was "skewed" to help the affluent, but it sure as hell was DESIGNED to help a lot of them, and COMPLETELY ignore the lowest income people who didn't get the benefit of higher education, many of whom have lost their homes, vehicles and livelihoods due to the pandemic.

The US Government spent trillions of dollars providing widespread relief - including cash infusions and rent forbearance - during the height of the pandemic. To imply that this particular program is somehow unnecessary is to completely ignore the unique factors encompassing student loan lending and the very predatory nature of how millions will never get out from under one of the only debts not dischargeable in bankruptcy, something no corporation nor wealthy person faces no matter how reckless and feckless their debts may have been compiled. Due to the way repayment is structured, many recipients will never repay their loans and many will end up paying their principle amounts multiple times over.

I have done a great deal of research myself and am well aware of the MANY MANY data points involved. Your statistical dump adds absolutely nothing to change the points I have made. It is and was a vote buying scheme.

It takes a special kind of ignorance to conclude that every one of the tens of millions of student loan debtors will choose their political candidates simply because of this relief. Why wouldn't that have been true of the trillions in relief checks sent to almost every household in America? Weak minds create their own reality. Voters are more sophisticated than those who try to pigeonhole them out of their own political biases and jealousies. Every transfer of money done on behalf of the government can be viewed as "buying votes." What do you think high end tax cuts do, make the rich vote for the party NOT giving them more money that the rich don't need? When people use this canard, it only confirms their points are not to be taken seriously for they're not serious people to begin with.

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