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Friday, May 26, 2023

MANSFIELD, Texas " A teenage boy and his older stepsister were hospitalized after they were shot by his father, who was a middle school teacher, on Tuesday night in Mansfield, police said. Police said they were dispatched to a shooting call at 10:40 p.m. on Arabian Court and determined that the incident was domestic. According to a news release from police, Thomas Boykin, 52, got into an argument with his wife and assaulted her.

Some right-wing media outlets are losing it over a transgender woman who competed in Sunday's London Marathon in the female category after having run in the male category in others " and didn't come anywhere close to winning. "Trans Runner Beat 14K Women in London Marathon After Running NYC as a Man," trumpeted a New York Postheadline, and the story was picked up elsewhere as well. However, there were more than 6,000 women who finished ahead of the trans woman, Glenique Frank " she came in 6,159th in the women's category.

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Colorado Springs, Colorado CNN " Members of the conservative parental rights group Moms for Liberty are known for making impassioned and sometimes spicy speeches to school boards to complain that teachers are supposedly indoctrinating students. This can include mothers, often in the group's trademark tee, standing at a lectern reading sex scenes from books they deem inappropriate to have near their children.

So Leo wore a RAYGUN shirt with the text, "I read banned books," to the ceremony -- knowing he would take a picture with Reynolds. "Books are really meaningful to me, and I've just never seen any good arguments for banning books," he said. "You shouldn't ban a book just because it has a certain group of people that you don't want people students to know about." His friend, Marin, also wore a RAYGUN shirt. Hers read, "Public money for public schools," a nod toward the state's new school voucher law that will transfer taxpayer money to private schools. read more

Target has removed some Pride merchandise from its stores after facing backlash and threats, the company said Tuesday. read more


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