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Monday, September 19, 2022

There will be some timeline clashes this week in the Trump stolen document case, each of which could spiral into a Constitutional crisis. That's because DOJ's motion for a stay of Cannon's order enjoining DOJ from doing any investigative work and sharing classified information " which was filed at 9:03PM on Friday " and any other yet-to-be-filed appeal of (parts of) her order will be proceeding even as Dearie scrambles to meet Cannon's first deadline: to have a schedule in place by September 25. It's the clearance process that will lead to conflict. As DOJ noted in their motion for a stay, Trump's lawyers may be witnesses to the crimes under investigation.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

There was, it increasingly appears, a conspiracy involving some in the most senior levels of the Trump administration to end American representative democracy and replace it with a strongman oligarchy along the lines of Putin's Russia or Orbn's Hungary. This would be followed, after the January 20th swearing-in of Trump for a second term, by a complete realignment of US foreign policy away from NATO and the EU and toward oligarchic, autocratic nations like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and Hungary.



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