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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Speaker Mike Johnson has named Marjorie Taylor Greene as one of the House managers for the possible impeachment trial of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. This comes after Ms Greene filed a motion to vacate after Mr Johnson made a deal with Democrats to fund the government until late September. read more

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Biden's approval rating has been low and I don't understand why. Like objectively, why are his ratings like 8 to 10% lower than Obama's or Shitler's at this point in his presidency. Why is that? I mean, objectively, his presidency has not been a disaster. I am looking for answers that would mean exceptional problems, because his approval rating seems exceptionally low. We aren't in a war, the economy is booming (much better than the rest of the western world), unemployment is low, his office acts with dignity. I am not looking for partisan asshats to speak nonsense, like the nation is descending into chaos because of immigrants or such nonsense. I am looking for tangible reality-based reasons for this historically bad approval rating. The way I see it are the following: 1. hyperpartisanship getting worse 2. his age 3. Gaza war The biggest negatives over the past couple of years-his failure with the student loan forgiveness and abortion rights I blame on Republicans. read more

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Oklahoma 16-year-old Nex Benedict died by suicide, according to an autopsy report released Wednesday by the state's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. read more

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Nex Benedict (January 11, 2008 " February 8, 2024)[1] was a 16-year-old non-binary American student who died after an incident at their high school on February 7, 2024. Benedict, who had previously been bullied at school, told police they were beaten by three younger girls in the girls' restroom at Owasso High School in Owasso, Oklahoma. Nex died the following day.[2][3][4] According to Owasso police, the preliminary medical examiner's report said Benedict did not die as a result of trauma.[5] As of February 25, 2024, final autopsy and toxicology reports are still pending, and the cause of their death has not yet been established.[6][7] read more


In some states, (see New York) anytime someone requests it... The person performing the abortion need not even be a doctor. The truth is, there is nothing preventing someone like Kermit Gosnel from legally setting up shop there, because there is no criminal code pertaining to abortion any longer.
You and retarded SnoofyHurts may ask "how many times does that happen?" Well, we may never know since there isn't really any regulation on the procedure.


hmmm could you be lying?


In New York, you can get an abortion for any reason up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, or later if your health is at risk or your pregnancy will not survive.


Who can provide abortion care and how is care provided?
Under New York law, doctors and Advanced Practice Clinicians (APCs) can provide abortion care that is within their scope of practice. APCs include physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and licensed midwives. Care by APCs has been shown to be safe and effective.

"...why is the former Republican President and current presidential nominee - along with multiple elected Republicans - repeating this lie over and over again?"

The conservative movement is laying the groundwork for fetal personhood. THAT is why they lie like this.

1. This lie conflates newborns with late pregnancy fetus in the mind of the listener/voter.
2. You can see it in jeff's comment "It is not a lie to label late term abortion as infanticide." Infanticide is killing a baby, a born out of uterus being. He is conflating the two concepts to fudge the definition.
3. Anti-abortion laws keep pushing the definition of an entity deserving protection earlier and earlier following conception as to broaden the definition of an entity deserving of protection.
4. The AZ law is the fetal personhood fanatic's intermediary wet dream-protecting "life" at conception-that effectively eliminates IVF, IUDs, Plan B, the latter of which prevent implantation of the zygote-that is a serious concern to OB-GYNs in AZ right now, does the law apply to those types of birth control.
4. Cases like the Alabama IVF case are laying the legal groundwork for states to equate fetuses with children under laws protecting children.
5. Judges in Texas and Florida are using fetal personhood language in court cases-both in questions during trial/appeals and in decisions.

So, when politicians use language like this, it lays the groundwork for the legal battles to be fought down the road.

And no the AZ AG's statement that she will not prosecute anyone under this law is not good enough. Statute of Limitations are a thing and if a Doctor prescribes a IUD she could be charge years from now by a fanatical AG.

People need to wake the ---- up. This is NOT hyperbole, this is what is happening!


The End of Roe Is Having a Chilling Effect on Pregnancy
New polling shows that a third of young women say they or someone they know has decided not to get pregnant because of concerns about maternal health care after Dobbs.

It goes almost without saying that this is not good news for the already declining birth rates in the U.S. According to research from Pew , birth rates in the U.S. had been falling since the early 2000s and plummeted during the Covid pandemic. Fertility rates briefly rebounded after the pandemic but now, post-Dobbs, they have dropped again.

Should this trend continue, the reluctance of young women to have children now will have vast and long-term consequences for the American economy and fabric of the nation. Falling birth rates can affect everything from tax revenue to labor force participation, schools, housing, elder care and more.



One thing I take umbrage with in this article:

New data reveals an unexpected consequence of these developments: Young women, even those in states where abortion remains legal, say they are foregoing having children because they are afraid to get pregnant because of changes that followed the Dobbs decision that ended Roe.

Unexpected? It is the OBVIOUS result of overturning Dobbs, Women will resist being forced to carry babies. That is basic human psychology.

Too ------- funny it takes people so long to understand the obvious

The links are In post 11

There is nothing contradictory at all. Women are scared of getting pregnant and having to deal with health problems and not be able to get an abortion

So they are more proactive in getting those abortions AND many women are choosing not to get pregnant. They're not the same people obviously

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