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It is not the actor's job to make sure a prop gun is loaded with blanks; it CANNOT be the actor's job to ensure a firearm is loaded with blanks. If it were, that means absolutely every take they would have to take every bullet out and physically examine every bullet every shot. It sucks this weapon was loaded with real bullets. It sucks this weapon was such a POS it literally fell apart when the FBI was dicking with it. The person whose fault this actually was had already pled guilty and frankly Baldwin should never have been charged with anything. It makes me roll my eyes and sigh whenever an ---------- tries to claim Baldwin did anything wrong. Actors expect safety precautions to be taken and literally have far more important things to do with their time than double check every one of those precautions. The studio was paying Baldwin to be an actor, not an armorer. Furthermore, and this is important... WHAT THE HELL WERE REAL BULLETS DOING ANYWHERE NEAR THE SET?

It's all -------- anyway, they don't actually follow the laws of gun safety either. I remember watching a video of some guy ripping on people in movies and TV "flagging unintended targets" meanwhile sparky's shotgun slung awkwardly off his shoulder was swinging wildly around pointing at literally everyone else in the video multiple times. One of his buddies... while not flagging anyone often... was idly holding his pistol with his finger on the trigger. Hell, I have seen more than one Box O truth video where they guy's got his weapon pointed right at the cameraman while explaining the rules of gun safety.

Meanwhile armed leftists are so professional about it we tend to keep our longarms in a cooperative armory and literally sign them out when it's time to hunt, hit the range or have it because you're worried about trouble. Cletis Junior can't blow maw-maw's head off with a shotgun if it's locked up down the block.

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