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These articles are pointless because scientists are coming around to what I have been saying my entire life, and a minority of scientists have been saying since before I was born:

"Time" doesn't exist as anything but an imaginary structure. There is only the state of matter as it is now. As humans we observe and store what states we have observed, and use that to predict states that will occur. We have already proven that the "time dilation" that occurs when you move closer to or further from gravity is nothing but gravity's effect on the devices themselves. How do we know this? Because digital and analog clocks do not "dilate" at the same rate. WE do have a good understanding of how differently these devices behave at different distances and accelerations and satellites need EXTREMELY MINOR (we're talking like .01 seconds in ten years of time) adjustments so everything stays on the same page. When we look up into the night sky we are not "seeing the past" we're seeing the state that matter is at where we observe it from. We also already know for a stone cold fact that there really are actions that do not resolve until they are observed, that's no longer just a wild theory we have literally proven it.

Again: science no longer believes in "time" as a different dimensional coordinate you can move along. This headline is extra stupid because the scientists in question do not mention time travel in any way shape or form nor have they used terms they don't usually use. They have observed stars surviving longer than expected near a black hole. That does not mean "time travel" it means stars can have properties we do not yet fully understand. If you ask any scientist today that old creationist chestnut "What existed before the big bang?" the answer now given is "Your question is irrelevant."

While I'm at it, we've also discarded the notion of the Big Bang, as there's too much against it.

Drudge Retort

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