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As for SJWs -- after Hillary lost in 2016, Bernie said it best that the path to success for Democrats has to be through more than just identity politics.


What's bad for America is religion in the public square AND identity politics dominating over economic and labor policies.

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Agreed. And yet the primaries were practically the "who's the wokest of them all" contest so far. The change from the party that's supposed to support workers to the one that values illegal immigrants more than their own citizens is for instance, particularly jarring.

I'd say there's one more thing Democrats need to find that path to success. Get their jerking knees under control and stop hypocritically opposing Republicans even when Republican platforms switch, or one of their own is in power. Obama campaigning in part on the unconstitutionality of Bush's overreach with the NSA, and then increasing it, for instance, among all the other ways he quickly became Bush III. Anti war Democrats that suddenly become pro war when there's a D after the president's name, or Trump wants to actually do the right thing and bring troops home. Those of us that left the left - or were left by it - care very much about hypocrisy from the left, even while expecting it from the right. Despite his hypocrisy, I'd rather have someone like Trump where I can agree with or oppose policy based on the policy itself, rather than what he says, than a Democrat that claims to agree with me and gets a rubber stamp from the left to then go and do everything they claim to oppose.

#9 | POSTED BY SNOOFY AT 2019-09-22 02:12 AM | FLAG:

Back when the religious right was trying to censor anything they found immoral and tell everyone what they could do in society and their own bedrooms, I was a Democrat. When the ACLU fought to defend both offensive artistic expression as well as the free speech of even the KKK, I was a Democrat.

When Bill Clinton wanted stronger borders to protect the working class, I agreed, though I split with his globalist neo-liberal economic policies that went and shipped our jobs overseas.

When the Democrats - and I should mention virtually all of Congress failed at this, voting for the Iraq war - but when grassroots democrats were protesting Bush's illegal wars of aggression, I sided with them. When the grassroots were also screaming against him shredding the Constitution with NSA overreach and The Patriot Act, my voice was one of the loudest.

I voted Kerry in 04 and Obama in 08. I was in the Occupy Wallstreet protests at the beginning of Obama's tenure. "If I was ever a democrat." Please. By 2012 I was voting Stein because I was left enough I couldn't tell the difference between Obama and Bush. The same wars, the same propping up corporations while letting main street America go homeless, the continued expansion of domestic spying, of secret courts and sealed documents, the pushing through of a healthcare act that immediately took single payer off the table for a mandate written by insurance lobbyists.

I am consistent. Anti-war in all instances that do not involve a foreign power actively putting troops on our mainland. Protect the working class both from unfair illegal competition and globalist sellout of their jobs. Free speech absolutist. Protective of our Constitutional liberties, be they swift and fair trials as denied by FISA courts and illegal gag orders, fourth amendment protections shredded by the NSA and Patriot Acts. The right to self-protection, the right to bear arms as given by our second amendment, as taking that right away from our poor, our women and minorities is the most illiberal thing I can imagine. Anti-corporatist, all for breaking up the monopolies threatening our freedoms and way of life - particularly at this point, tech monopolies. (Who all seem perfectly okay censoring dissenting speech - which comes from the right wing these days.) Socially against any and all laws that discriminate against people based not he color of their skin, sexual orientation, etc. Still a believer that men and women are mentally equal, that the brain is not a gendered organ, putting me at odds with all the trans trenders in the news that want to reinforce and even add to the gender binary rather than erase it.

My positions have not budged one bit. Still essentially what Chomsky would term a "libertarian socialist." What has changed is the democrats are as bad as the republicans on NSA style overreach, are just as imperialistic and warmongering, yet have become even more authoritarian and puritanical, filled with moral panic and hypocrisy. Their "cancel culture" social style has left them incapable of debate, free exchange of ideas and rational discussion. They aren't concerned with unity and class issues, just pandering to and inflaming racial and social divides. Republicans have become the ones at least moderately concerned with protecting free speech and equality, if not any better on issues like healthcare and education. But at least you can debate them and they don't start screaming about racism and misogyny when they lose - even when the subject has nothing to do with either lol.

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