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Thursday, August 15, 2019

An autopsy found that financier Jeffrey Epstein sustained multiple breaks in his neck bones, according to two people familiar with the findings, deepening the mystery about the circumstances around his death. Among the bones broken in Epstein's neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam's apple. Such breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation, the experts said. read more


Honestly, I think the 2 things to watch at this point are Ghislaine Maxwell and whether investigations really do continue on.

The Clintons make for a funny meme, but they're also politically somewhat has-beens. I'm not sure how much political capital they have to go around eliminating rivals at this point, without being told they're on their own. Not that enough money can't ultimately buy past that issue. Were Trump involved, I think the most conspicuous sign would be his silence, not a barrage of Tweets to needle his enemies about it. His hangers-on are practically a revolving door as well - reports would be leaking about panic from his camp. At the top of the executive branch though, a sudden drop of investigations would certainly pique suspicion.

What we do know or know of as rumor:

- There was never any reliable final word on whether the initial incident a couple weeks ago was suicide or an attack.

- There were systemic errors regarding guards and rounds, as well as overtime and so staffing issues. At the exact time of death.

- Conflicting reports regarding screaming at the time of death or all quiet.

- Somehow the prisoner in the biggest case of the century was not on camera.

- He was taken off suicide watch for no reason.

- 4Chan had a time stamped report of his death out half an hour or so before any major media.

- His case at least loosely implicated a sitting president, a former president, more strongly implicated 2 members of Congress, foreign dignitaries, A list stars, and more. A great deal of money and power that if not out to all actively murder him, could have been quite willing to fund an opportunity for his suicide. Which his jail seems to have provided. The first in what, 12 years?

- He was a narcissistic mess who was apparently spending up to 12 hours a day with his lawyers, which while not proof, muddies the water about his motive for suicide. That sounds like someone who wants to build a case - or possibly locate documents and trade info for immunity or reduced sentencing. Minimally, a narcissist like that trying to drag everyone down with them seems more likely than suicide. My pure speculation though.

- He previously got a completely unrealistically light sentence in part for not implicating others.

- Speculation about being a CIA plant / providing leverage over who knows what people.

Something is very, very wrong here.


This is the only thing that bothers me about trans women playing against those AFAB. Studies show that steroid use unfairly advantages male athletes against other male athletes years and even decades down the road. This being primarily because even when you discontinue the hormones, muscle cells are permanently altered with more nuclei, and greater respiratory capacity (on the cellular level.) They retain a capacity to work more, and build more.

Testosterone is the original steroid.

I don't know what this means in terms of the best moral decision. It's not the trans women's fault, but if they've gone through male puberty they have the same advantage a doping athlete has over a clean one, which is fundamentally unfair. Perhaps the only real solution is greater research into what makes people trans and early detection to avoid unwelcome puberty, but that still solves nothing for those who've currently transitioned.

#15 | POSTED BY ABORTED_MONSON AT 2019-08-02 07:39 PM | REPLY | FLAG:

Lying? Please. I've posted here a long time, if sparsely the last several years, and one thing I have always been is consistent.

I am first off, an almost single issue voter - I am anti-war for anything but an attack on our home turf. Too many I served with will never come back from Bush's war crimes in the Middle East. But I lost faith in the democrats with Obama. Continue and expand on wars, on domestic surveillance, on bailing out the rich while leaving the 99% to pick up their tab while losing their homes, Footing a health care act written by insurance lobbyists while telling us single payer was off the table even though dems had the house and senate. He was nothing but a neocon in democrat's clothing and Hillary was worse. She didn't even try to hide her willingness to lord it over other nations we have no right setting foot in.

Now take the current crop of democrats. I have always stood for freedom, sometimes to the extent of disagreeing with fellow leftists. I am pro-second amendment for instance, because I want an armed proletariet capable of rising up. I want women and minorities armed in the face of racists and misogynists. I have stood for freedom of speech and the right to offend as far back as when I was a child and the right wing religious busybodies were up in arms against the "piss Christ." Against the government having any say in who is in your bedroom or what you do to your own body. Drugs, abortion, sex change - I do not care. But this current crop of democrats have changed. Too many for limiting speech, perfectly fine with government intrusion into people's lives and businesses, the new moral busybodies taking the mantle from the puritans, the Victorians, and the religious right before them. Too worried about offending instead of protecting the right to offend with unpopular speech. Too willing to take up the mantle of war hawks, even while hypocritically teaching at home about the evils of colonialism. Too willing to take away people's right to self-defense even while shrieking about oppressors. Almost... as if they aren't really interested in empowerment and freedom so much as control and dividing the populace against each other, while they, the ruling class maintain their revolving doors among lobbyists and lawmakers, while they seize more power in the name of protecting the oppressed.

And economically, I'm straight up a democratic socialist. I believe the people own the rights of production, of the fruits of their labor and shared natural resources. I believe we should have massively stronger social safety nets, and should expand education to minimally k-14, if not straight through a bachelor's or full trade so as to be more competitive on the world market. Should have single payer, both to cover all, and again - make our businesses, now footing the greater part of insurance benefits - more competitive in the world market, which mostly does not have that onus on them. Perhaps a form of basic universal income.

So explain how I'm not liberal or more, when my problem with democrats is their increasing resemblance to the authoritarians and puritans we once fought against.

The only thing I side with Republicans on, is that Democrats deserve to lose until they get their ---- together. Which in my world, means stand for individual freedom to the greatest possible extreme, stand for peace at all costs, and fight for a government that serves the people effectively. Not divide people with identity politics, not control what is and isn't acceptable to do, think, or say. And last, not to change my views on issues such as immigration or foreign policy 180 degrees at the drop of a hat because the party holding the presidency changed. If there's one thing I hate more than authoritarianism, it's a hypocrite.

Obama's legacy was one of utter failure from the standpoint of one who voted for him in 2008.

Eight more years of war, plus what was left ongoing when he left office.

Not one banker prosecuted after the recession.

Increase rather than abolition of Patriot Act type powers, NSA, domestic spying, extra-judicial killings, etc.

Foreign policy indistinguishable from neocon predecessors.

Not even an attempt at single payer.

Continuing militarization of police forces.

Ongoing war on (some) drugs, while not even allowing buying cheaper from countries like Canada, to keep the cash flow going for approved drug dealers.


This is why Hillary lost. The even more hawkish successor who wished to carry on that legacy was somehow supposed to excite the democrat base, based on that? And yet, somehow the candidates for 2020 have caught on that Obama failed the left, yet have completely misconstrued the conclusion to believe they need to be more left - not on healthcare, social safety net, education, and above all, foreign policy (though many have included some of the healthcare and education bits at least) but gone more left instead on immigrants over citizens, on racial divisions they are helping to cause, on idiotic plans to just "forgive" student debt rather than fix the broken over-expensive system. Or worse, on foreign policy, they haven't even gone left, they've gone right when Trump went left just for the sake of opposition.

It's no shock they've turned on Obama. What is shocking is how they've managed to focus on the most self-defeating, divisive possible ways of doing so. A bunch of authoritarian pro-war "leftists" far more concerned with being socially than economically and internationally left, pandering to illegal immigrants and Twitterati incapable of seeing outside their own bubble.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory 101.

When you've been advantaged all your life, equality feels like punishment.
#8 | POSTED BY SPEAKSOFTLY AT 2019-08-01 08:08 PM | FLAG:

And in this seemingly innocuous statement is the means by which the left actually sets up Trump to be more popular with moderates than they are. Equality should feel exactly the same to the "privileged." They are the actual baseline by which everyone should be treated. The less privileged should feel empowered and raised up, not the more privileged feeling suddenly attacked and brought down. IF the left actually cared about equality, they would understand this, rather than the divisive way identity politics are used - a wedge in a bid on exploiting changing demographics to their benefit.

The left has lost the message. Intersectionality has been used to turn groups on each other. Unity has been utterly lost, where once there was an opportunity to enact real social and economic change - no war but class war, remember that one? - now the proletariat is fractured and at each other's throats. Trans groups against TERFS, POC against disadvantaged whites, Democrats that suddenly support war out of pure tribalism when Trump bumbles onto the right course of trying not to engage us in more foreign conflict.

Not to mention lastly, the pure unadulterated hypocrisy of Democrats attacking the right as racist. Trump says a few mean things and continues on the same course as Obama for border security and he's a Nazi flag waving Klan member. Democrats outright engage in colonial occupation of foreign countries and enact policies or support groups that cause civil wars with hundreds of thousands of casualties (looking at Obama, the droner-in-chief and Senator/ SOS Hillary Clinton who never met a war she didn't vote for or a conflict such as the Arab Spring she didn't fan the flames of) - all to foreign brown people overseas of course - and even though the damage to humanity, the atrocities and human rights trampled were many orders of magnitude worse than anything Trump has ever done - it wasn't in our backyard. So they get a free pass, and attack Trump as the racist. Which does nothing but further raise up division here at home, increasing extremism and polarization.

And yet the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, social mobility stratifies. And idiots keep eating up all the oppression olympics, the divisions, the anger at each other rather than the actual oppressors who only see one color anyway - green.

At this rate, Trump has the election in the bag.

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