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Not done until there are no more legal challenges.

Something will have to be done to at least throw a bone to all the people claiming it's illegitimate. At current, Biden may have a presidency more opposed and viewed as more illegitimate than Trump's was by the left, and by equal numbers of an almost evenly divided nation.I spend a lot of time on both left and right wing sites. The right is actually scary right now. The number calling for armed resistance, who feel the left has been up to unrestrained rioting since summer, and that it's now their (more heavily armed) turn, the number of personalities who tell their followers they "can't tell them what to do, but they know what to do" - a clear call to arms while making sure they remain uncensored by YouTube and other hosts, is unreal. 99.9% will be Gravy Seals and y'allQuaeda that will never get up from screaming about it on their couch, but with these numbers, that .1% that might act is larger than you would think. Manual recounts, something to shut them up, or at least quiet the less angry before they become more radicalized.

Last, when all settles, the left needs to do some soul searching. Identifying all Trump supporters - nearly half the nation, and with larger minority support than 4 years ago - as merely racists or uneducated rubes is going to do nothing to derail the populist momentum and reasons Republicans made inroads, it will only fan the flames of opposition and 2022 will end up being a democrat bloodbath as we have the usual turn against whatever party the president is from. Less focus on identity politics, more on issues that will still disproportionately assist minorities, but also help working class whites like Medicare for all and living wages would go a great way in uniting instead of dividing the way Dems have been doing. Too long going for the easy hit that achieves nothing of just paying lip service to minorities rather than making substantive changes that wouldn't alienate the majority might be a smart change. Again, Trump made inroads with minorities - even they have noticed Democrats being all talk and no action in their favor. Time to make the hard decisions.

Oh, and stop being warhawks. I've never felt dirtier than voting for Biden. Screw him and his support of the Iraq war and everything after.

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