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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

In advance of the 2020 general election, Mississippi's Republican trifecta enacted a GOP-sponsored law allowing mail-in ballots postmarked on or before Election Day to be counted for up to five days after the election. {SNIP} The Legislature's move to revoke its previously uncontroversial receipt deadline " which has been in place for almost four years " is transpiring against the backdrop of a legal offensive led by the Republican National Committee (RNC). {SNIP-Republicans in MS are filing a challenge to the law (instead of overturning it)} By bringing a proactive test case before a conservative federal district court in Mississippi, the RNC hoped that it could secure the imprimatur of a Republican-appointed judge who might be amenable to its far-fetched arguments around ballot deadlines. According to the committee's spokesperson, a favorable ruling in the case would "have major ramifications in future elections " not just in Mississippi but across the country."


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The point is to challenge the law, lose (as the case is based on bs) appeal to the 5th Circuit, who being filled with lunatic rightwing fanatics, will stop the law from being put into effect (either just in MS or throughout the 5th Circuit-I'm not sure on that point).

Then it would be appealed to the SC, who being asshats will deem mail in ballots received after polls close on election day as being invalid.

Keep in mind what DeVos has been doing with the post office.

Essentially this will disenfranchise many many Americans, to the republican benefit.

This is the bullet that the Republicans have been preparing for years based on the lie of voter fraud.


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