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The Revolutionary War started on the main because the British Forces tried to seize arms in Lexington/Concord. Hence, the inclusion of the second amendment to both prevent overreach from any future government, and to protect the fledgling nation in time of crisis. There is nothing inherently wrong in militias, but what occurs in their actions if they go off the rails..

I was ambivalent about the 2A for many years. I grew up in a family that was military, and that also hunted. When I got older and moved to large cities around the world the ideas of guns etc didn't come into play. I also have been aware since my late youth that there is a historical tendency in the US to Fascism in certain political groups. I watched this grow since the Reagan Era. It has come more to the forefront as of late in most worrying ways.

I always thought that the right was over-reacting with its talk of government overreach, but watching current events I think they were at least partially correct. With Trump talking of not stepping down, etc. with what has happened with federal troops in Portland (just up the road from us!) and elsewhere, along with the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, 3%'rs and other terrorist gangs, attacks on minorities etc. we might just reconsider the stance taken by many in the Democratic party and on the left concerning guns.

If Right Wing Gangs/Terrorist/Militias act on their threats in your communities, just how are you going to respond? If Trump seizes power, and that is a possibility what will you do, roll over?

These questions have been running through my mind as of late and through the minds of many of my friends. The 2A is there for a reason. We may have arrived at that moment.

Drudge Retort

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