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#15 - Are you suggesting that FEMA does not provide funding support for disasters other than flooding? Simply click on any of the links I previously provided and select a listed event. Chances are it will show the amount of financial support FEMA provided. Here's an example:


This lists $88.2m of individual and household funding as having been provided for a fire event. It seems inherently unlikely that much of this was provided under the flood insurance program, so to address your first point, clearly there are mechanisms for FEMA to provide federal assistance outside of flood insurance, even if, as I readily admit, I do not know what they are called.

Sometimes I find it necessary to cycle back to why I posted a comment, or risk getting off topic and inadvertently defending something I don't actually believe.

The point with which I originally took issue was this " We should abolish all incentives for people to live in flood-prone areas, like the federal flood insurance program". My objection was that there is nowhere in the US which is free of natural disaster threats, so if you promoted this idea, you should accept that any type of federal funding which compensated or assisted victims after an event should be eliminated, because it provides a similar incentive to live in risk prone areas. I provided links to FEMA to show that indeed, many more disaster types than flooding are addressed by this federal agency.

To address your last point, the consistency is therefore not "doing away with the flood insurance program" but doing away with all federal funding programs, however structured, that provide " incentives for people to live in" natural disaster risk zones.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is not a position I hold.

I found this article interesting:


What is particularly interesting is the embedded photo which shows that some inconsiderate idiot has installed energy efficient light bulbs on the wall strong enough to turn Trump orange in bright daylight. Some people have no consideration.

"Do you see anything wrong with expecting the queen to take care of her subjects? Why is not more said about this? I believe it is because people can be so hateful, they'd rather hate on Trump rather than be objective and ask questions about the people who should be looking after the Bahamas.

#75 | POSTED BY GOATMAN AT 2019-09-13 10:34 AM | REPLY | FLAG:"

The Bahamas became an independent, sovereign country in 1973.

They voluntarily chose to join the Commonwealth at that time and this entails accepting the Queen as head of state, but the relationship is not the same as the relationship she has with citizens of the UK. The Bahamas is free at any time to leave the Commonwealth and to renounce the Queen as head of state.

So Bahamians are not subjects of the Queen in the way I suspect you mean it; they cannot move to the UK without complying with immigration regulations. Similarly, UK citizens cannot live in the Bahamas without complying with their immigration rules. In this regard therefore, Bahamians need to jump through immigration hoops in both the UK and US, but there is no denying that the US is much more conveniently located and this is important.

The islands will be uninhabitable to all but the most hearty for some time; rebuilding will be long and difficult ( I speak from experience ) and the ability to get on island quickly, make decisions, deal with practical matters and get out again will be very important. This cannot be done from the UK.

Does this in and of itself impose an obligation on the US - no. But is suggesting sending them to the UK a viable alternative - absolutely not. If the US wants to be a world leader, sometimes it has to step up and this would be one of them. Or is the just another way in which Trump has convinced supposedly patriotic Americans to accept yet another small diminishing of America's leadership role?

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