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It seems to me like these laws aren't intended to stop the black market, only to allow people who can afford to pay a premium to avoid prosecution. And conversely to continue to imprison the lower classes. If they really wanted to eliminate the black market they'd tax it in such a way as to undercut the black market price which already has a pseudo tax involved due to the dangerous nature of dealing and transporting. So tax it, definitely, but don't tax TF out of it.

#5 | Posted by Hagbard_Celine

ROFL No one is going to jail.The black/grey market dispensaries have gone online and deliver through the mail.Due to the lack of violence it is not a police priority.Medical weed was legal federally for 18 years with 1 or 2 crappy suppliers so folks grew their own.now any adult cdn can grow 4 plants recreational.Then on the medical side it is a hodgepodge of court decisions going back 18 years.6 years ago the conservative govt lost a case over MMAR which left roughly 40k of us permanently grandfathered rights under the previous law.Myself I can have 6 lbs in my home and 35 plants growing legally.

The only real risk of criminal punishment is trafficking to minors.You can get fines though for public recreational use but if you have any of the 3 types of medical licences it wont get past the JP at the courthouse.

Using quality nutrients paying for electricity etc My cost of production is less than 50 cents a gram.Using cheap chemical nutrients like a lot of the LP's do would cut that to 25 cents a gram but doesn't produce the quality of product that some of the more expensive nutrients allow.So the LP's produce a cheaper inferior product compared to most Medical licensees yet the LP's mindset that they were going to get 10 bucks a gram.They need to lower their price to 3 dollars a gram before the grey market would start to drop out IMHO.

BTW the official "reason" for legalization in Canada was to reduce teen use and harm.

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