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"Well, it's not OUR war. And Russia (also China) isn't an enemy. A geopolitical adversary? Absolutely. We still trade with them and trade our asses off with China.

Again, do we even consider a hard cap as to how much we throw at this? To hell with F-16's, Maybe a dozen F-22's?

Hmmm? Well, I dare write that any country that has nuclear weapons aimed at us is our enemy and both China and Russia have nuclear weapons aimed at us and actively practice blowing up our cities. The Chinese also hold giant military parades with their arsenal of nuclear missiles with their children sit on floats with fake nukes and American cities burning in the backdrop. I really think these are not our friends. Why would you unless you are on their side and a traitor? We trade with them because our right wing fascist have brought much of their manufacturing to China so as to get richer dodging western rules on labor rights and environmental controls and with the excuse that we will expose China to our democratic capitalistic ways. Sure, they(the Chinese) brought into the capitalism where they can make mad money exploiting their own people(including children) as quasi slaves and it is all controlled by their state. The forces their Moslem population to work as slaves. With this newfound wealth, the Chinese have entrenched their own state control over their own folks and wish to export this around the globe via dubious trade deals that leave the unsuspecting country they trade with at a disadvantage where they can take over parts of their country as their own. Russia, a pure fascist state ran by abject corrupt fascists who invaded a democratic state that wished to escape their boot on their neck. We(The USA/Western states) invaded Iraq and Afghanistan neither of which were democratic. Iraq was a giant error by the Bush junta who were after the oil, none of which we ended up with as the Chinese outbid us for it. Afghanistan harbored the Taliban who had brought down the Twin Towers in an act of war so I was in total support of invading Afghanistan and killing every single one of Al Qaeda and any of the Taliban that added and abated those terrorists. My sources on the ground in Afghanistan, who were their for seven years and before that seven years in Iraq, told me that the Chinese were all over the country prior to our exit and were exploiting natural resources yet did nothing to secure the country just like in Iraq they let us die for their oil and resource extraction companies. Bush like Putler needs to be placed in irons and tossed into prison for the remaining period of their lives for all of this mess.

Drudge Retort

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