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What Mearscheimer gets wrong about Ukraine.

This 43 yo woman Margarita Simonyan is part of Moscow's kleptocracy's vast propaganda machine, a machine that's paid this apparatchik of Putin's Sochi Mafia very, very well.


The democratic world needs to address Kremlin propaganda to the fullest extent possible. Moscow's disinformation fuels public support for Muscovy's aggression against democracy everywhere.

How can the democratic world counter the Putin-Kirill-Medvedev propaganda machine? If drones could carry unbiased news to reach and inform most Russia's average civilians about Muscovy's corrupt government and about atrocities it has committed in Ukraine and elsewhere, and about the way RT and the rest of Russia's media misinforms them, perhaps the average common person living under Moscow's dictatorship would demand change.

RT's blasting the US and playing the "nuke-em" script is merely Putin's government's way to keep him in office this "election" cycle and to sustain Russia's public indifference to Russia's crimes, and to prep them for more violence against the West and against West-leaning political idealist in the former Soviet Union or any of its former satellites.

So who cares what RT spouts about? What can we or the rest of the world do to burst Moscow's vast propaganda bubble?

Lamplighter, no zombie here, just bad Siri VTT interpretation (and eyes too tired to proofread a tiny input screen on a mobile phone).

A study I recently read suggested that plug-in hybrids over 100% electric vehicles as more beneficial for the environment than solely electric motor cars.

(That's the gist of what I thought I asked Siri to type. Sorry for not catching Siri's weird interpretation. A lightly edited version of the rest of the post follows with two related references:).

Can solid-state batteries help EVs shed weight? | Automotive World

How Green Are Electric Vehicles? - The New York Times

The rationale is that 100% electric cars (BEVs) need much larger batteries to get longer distance driving ranges, therefore they can weigh 1000s of lbs more than conventional vehicles. But as the weight goes up the mi/kwh efficiency decreases, theoretical to a point diminishing returns to a point where adding more battery isn't producing enough vehicle range to be worth it.

For another option, while plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), max range on a single EV charge is limited by the smaller battery size (about 18-40 miles), for commuting distances of less than that distance or for driving around town and shopping, the charge is generally sufficient. And unlike electric BEVS that don't have a second power option, a PHEV can often get between 40-60 mpg between rechargings. That alone makes the PHEV a decent option between conventional gas-only vehicles and between non-plugin hybrids and BEVs.

(BTW, if only it were easier to proofread and edit on this platform. If only.)

We hope the premise implied by this thread's title is accurate, but the longer Russia continues fighting Ukraine and bombing noncombatants far from the front lines, the less optimistic I become.

Despite the hundreds of thousands of casualties Russia's military has "suffered", Russia propaganda, machine and Putin's crafty deception to his sleepwalking nation will probably result in a landslide relection of Putin to a yet another term as Russia's "leader".

For most of Russia's history over the past 300 or so years, Russia has had oppressive, autocratic government systems that exist through an insidious structure with privileged insiders and entrenched enforcers and compliant rest of the country.

From the Tsars, with their brutal secret police, to Lenin and Stalin with theirs, and through Russia's Cold War imperialism years, Russia's masses have been compeled to complacency through intimidation, lies,and calls for patriotism to Mother Russia and/or to phony Marxism. And during the Cold War era, Russian leaders and the KGB perfected the strategy of creating international vassal states to surround it. And today this is exactly what Putin wants to recreate.

As the richest kleptocrat in Europe, Putin can buy the loyalty of the Belarusian government, and apparently he is able to support would-be autocrats in other countries, like Hungary, and perhaps now, Slovakia. His mercenaries are exploiting autocratic movements throughout the world from Syria to Timbuktu, and possibly even in Central Asia, South America, and Caucasia. And he's buying off certain Western politicians & influencers in America and Europe. Very shrewd Tavarish Lt. Col. Putin!

I recommend these links to understand what makes Putin and Russia so much more dangerous than what's already evident by the violence they've wreaked in Chechnya, Syria, & now Ukraine:

"For Putin, It's All About the Money" time.com

The amazing revelations of Russian journalist ofStanislav Belkovsky: en.wikipedia.org

About "Chekism", Russia's unique & insidious post-Cold War form of autocracy under Putin and which is likely to continue indefinitely after Putin is gone: en.wikipedia.org


In June 2023, Kissinger had wise words for Putin: Make peace with Europe and learn to cooperate, not aggressively assert control over your neighbors. Putin didn't listen.

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