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The civilians who died as a result were intentionally killed.
Then there is no such thing as collateral damage and every army is guilty of the same charge.
If it is true and the IDF are intentionally killing civilians, they are really bad at their job. Random shelling with cheap artillery could have easily killed hundreds of thousands by now.

As for the Islamic terrorists, you think they would stop if we would just leave them alone?
Honestly, no. You and I aren't people, we're infidels, we deserve death. Israel isn't the end of the game. All the Jews could move to Mars, it would only encourage Islam. They would require Turkey, then Greece, Armenia. The House of Saud is "too western". India is full of polytheists, lower than dogs, fit for slaughter. And on and on and on. Labensraum can be pursued for its' own sake, this time under holy orders.

We look weak. We are weak. Western cities are regularly shut down by people wearing t-shirts with para-gliders openly supporting terrorists. They don't even have the decency to blush.
France is in real trouble. England, too. 'Americans' who support Palestine say they'll be voting for Trump even if it means the end of the Republic. Russia, Iran and China are . < this close to a formal alliance; three societies that won't be bothered by internal dissent if when war breaks out. Meanwhile, the majority of Americans moan about a measly 3 billion dollars -what the treasury department spends on toner and post-it notes- in military aid to the only ally willing to fight our enemy.

European Colonialism.
^See what I mean.^
How much energy do you think the people in Islamic States waste crying about what happened 400 years ago? Islamic Colonialism swept across Africa and into Europe, burning, killing and converting by sword everything in it's path. And without the help of small pox which did most of the heavy lifting for the Europeans. It is still going on to this day.
The self-immolation in Western society today is perfectly personified in Clownshow; a gay man who, if he were lucky, would be hurled head first from a tall building within minutes of setting foot in any of the places he seems to prefer to America.

World's most dense cities:
There are 4 Israeli cities on the list. Shouldn't they also enjoy the special privilege of being immune from attack?

Gaza only makes the list from your link when games are played with the math to exclude population centers with less than 10m.
Gibraltar and Vatican City is on that list. Absolutely no one who has ever visited Vatican City would call it "densely populated".

Katie Britt's GOP response was incredibly bizarre. Like a bad actress auditioning for a soap opera.

It's called Fundie Baby Voice. It's not just an act, these christian nutjobs are sincere. Rehearsed and totally staged, sure, but the message and tone and setting really is how conservatives want to see the world. Women in the kitchen as submissive children that require 'men' like Mike Johnson to oversee their entire life. It's the Handmaiden's Tale but IRL.

If you remove all context and run the clip no resonable person could tell the difference between a modern American christian woman like Katie Britt/Anna Duggar/Kelly Johnson and a comedian mocking a modern American christian woman. It's a perfect example of Poe's Law.

Weird but great covers while you contemplate how wrong you are:

Bluegrass Time

WYWH on a Sarangi

Cigar Funk style

Fingerstyle Comfortably Numb

And just for fun because I was there in Utah that night: Phish doing a whole set of Dark Side on the Moon.
Trey trying to do the vocals for Great Gig in the Sky was hilarious.

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