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Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Trae beats up both sides in debate.

Walter Kim, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, said misinformation and political polarization have contributed to the problem in his religious community. His group is partnering with the Ad Council on a new initiative reaching out to evangelicals with the message that getting the coronavirus vaccine may be a way to "love your neighbor." read more

A new decision from the U.S. Senate's nonpartisan parliamentarian means Democrats could advance more of President Biden's agenda without the support of Republicans.

Saturday, April 03, 2021

By Peter Wehner, NYTimes

First-century Christians weren't prepared for what a truly radical and radically inclusive figure Jesus was, and neither are today's Christians. We want to tame and domesticate who he was, but Jesus' life and ministry don't really allow for it. He shattered barrier after barrier.

Friday, April 02, 2021

After warning for months that vaccinated people should still be cautious in order to not infect others, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests they may not be at much risk of transmitting the coronavirus. read more



8th grade edumacation showing.

"Denny's is one of several publicly-traded restaurant chains whose executives have told investors in recent months that Democrats' proposed minimum wage hike is not a real threat to their business and may even be a net positive, according to a Daily Poster review of corporate earnings calls."

"The Cheesecake Factory is now partially owned by private equity firm Roark Capital Group, whose fast food chain recently bragged that it helped convince Congress not to include a $15 minimum wage measure in the American Rescue Plan.

"Labor input is just a cost input," said Matt Clark, Cheesecake Factory's chief financial officer. "And you can try to put some technology around it to improve efficiency and such. But at the end of the day, most competition prices for it. And I think that's the necessity to maintain margin structures that are competitive and attractive for continued investment."

Clark added that a wage hike could affect some of the company's competitors, and "ultimately the stronger survive and take market share."

The comments were hardly anomalous: over the last two months of earnings seasons, top executives from DiamondRock Hospitality, Kroger, HCA Healthcare, Hilton and Six Flags all downplayed the negative effects of a prospective minimum wage increase, and some have argued it would boost consumer spending. The statements from leaders across various service industry sectors undercut corporate lobbying groups in Washington that have pretended such a wage increase would destroy the economy.

"Many including me are supportive over time that the minimum wage needs to move up," said Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta in a February earnings call. "I think we should all assume that the minimum wage is going to be going up over time. In fact, because it needs to."

"To the extent that there is minimum wage increases in certain of our demographics where we operate, that has got a halo effect on the revenue side," said Six Flags chief financial officer Sandeep Reddy during a February earnings call, in response to a question about whether a higher wage helps boost spending at its parks.

Six Flags' CEO Michael Spanos added: 'We're roughly half teens and young adults and roughly half families and children and to Sandeep's point, we think it absolutely helps in that regard [to] put more money in their pockets."



Thanks, Family Jewels, for being such a softball poster!


Some people drink the orange Kool-Aid, others guzzle it.

"U.S. Image Plummets Internationally as Most Say Country Has Handled Coronavirus Badly
Ratings for Trump remain poor

Part of the decline over the past year is linked to how the U.S. had handled the coronavirus pandemic. Across the 13 nations surveyed, a median of just 15% say the U.S. has done a good job of dealing with the outbreak. In contrast, most say the World Health Organization (WHO) and European Union have done a good job, and in nearly all nations people give their own country positive marks for dealing with the crisis (the U.S. and UK are notable exceptions).

Relatively few think China has handled the pandemic well, although it still receives considerably better reviews than the U.S. response."


"Study ranks New Zealand Covid-19 response best, Brazil worst, US in bottom five

Sydney's Lowy Institute assessed almost 100 countries on six criteria, including confirmed cases, Covid-19 deaths and testing metrics.

"Collectively, these indicators point to how well or poorly countries have managed the pandemic," according to the report by the independent body.

Aside from New Zealand " which has largely kept the virus at bay with border closures and "go early, go hard" lockdowns and testing regimes " Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Cyprus, Rwanda, Iceland, Australia, Latvia and Sri Lanka made the top 10 for their responses.

In bottom place was Brazil, closely followed by Mexico, Colombia, Iran and the United States."


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