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Afghanistan is a the direct result of Putin-Trump-Biden "administration" policies.

Putin wanted to drive away and separate the USA from China (i.e. "decoupling"), in effect reversing "Kissinger-Nixon" and implementing his own "Putin-Xi" strategy.

Stupid "USA vs The World" and in particular, "USA vs China" "trade wars" engineered by Putin via his feeble-minded stooge Trump at the wheel and anything "China, China, China" (but never "Russia, Russia, Russia") were designed to "decouple" China from USA and strengthen China's ties with Russia. Policy obviously has been a bust for American businesses and consumers, while Biden continues it, and even as trade between two countries' private sectors actually increased.

"Keep your friends close but your enemies closer."

The defeat of American / NATO policy of containment in Afghanistan (and loss of strategic U.S. military bases located on the east side of Iran, just as US bases in Iraq were on the west of Iran) started with comrade Trump's NATO rift over few euros and later through a fig leaf of confusing "peace talks" with Taliban, despite objections of "his generals" and warnings and advice of military and geopolitical experts.

Biden of course is foolishly continuing the policies as both are / were consistent with Democratic party, and particularly its "progressive" wing, ideas of America's place in the world, and vis-a-vis Russia and China, and mostly interested in domestic welfare speanding (sometimes called "infrastructure" or other programs) and taxing "the rich" and "evil" corporations.

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