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#3 | Posted by snoofy at 2024-04-12 04:56 PM
Capital is free to roam while Labor is held captive by national boundaries.

If the Labor "prices itself out of the market" by demanding (and receiving, often with the government's help) wages and benefits well in excess of its productivity ($/#widgets, $/work/hr), then $$ will find a way to shrink, or simply leave.

kmph.com - Fast food workers blindsided by sudden closure of Fosters Freeze in Lemoore - April 2, 2024
|------- New $20 minimum wage for fast food workers in California set to start on Monday.
"We had gotten a text in the group chat that we were shutting down, and I completely thought it was an April Fools joke," said former employee ...

www.latimes.com - 99 Cents Only to close all 371 stores and wind down its business -

|------- Rising wages, inflation ... have reduced profits for retailers in a deep-discount sector where margins are already extremely low. 99 Cents Only, with its large base of California stores, has been under particular wage pressure, he said.
... in 2008 when, faced with fast-rising inflation, soaring food and fuel prices, and a higher minimum wage, 99 Cents Only announced that it was straying from its long-standing price strategy. ...

www.usatoday.com - Fast food chains, workers are bracing for California's minimum wage increase: Chains such as Chipotle and McDonald's said they plan to raise menu prices... - Mar 31, 2024

|------- Fast food industry says expect increased costs, layoffs
... the restaurant industry fear that operating hours will reduce, prices will increase and jobs will be cut as employers deal with new labor costs.

There are reasons why US unemployment is highest in California and why it's one of the few states losing jobs in 2023.

First Law of Capital : Capital goes where it's welcome and stays and multiplies where it's respected and well treated.

Anyone who's taken Econ101 would understand that. But, according to Suze Orman, about 95% of people in the U.S. are financially / economically illiterate... while thinking they are getting financially "educated" by newspapers' selective opinion articles, and this and many other websites are a daily proof of it.

www.forbes.com - Facts And Opinions: Half Of Americans Don't Know The Difference - March 17, 2024

#3 | Posted by snoofy at 2024-04-12 04:56 PM
Capital has more rights than people.

That was true even before Adam Smith - despite whatever "rights" the government is trying to bestow on labor (including unions) and whatever malarkey Karl Marx and his followers / plagiarist frauds like Thomas Piketty have been cooking up since.

Maybe instead of repeatedly trying and failing to change the "laws of capital," the reasonable governments/leadership should stop catering to economic illiterates and stopping economically stupid laws and populist slogans ("living wage," "fight for $15...$20"...) while actually hurting people they are claiming to help. Some states introduced Economics and Finance education classes in middle and high schools.

NB: First Law of Capital : Capital goes where it's welcome and stays and multiplies where it's respected and well treated.

#18 | Posted by oneironaut at 2024-04-11 05:49 PM
This is false, Podesta was victim of a phishing email, that's not "hacking". Seriously calling it a hack is hilariously uninformed.

NOT calling "phishing" / "spearphishing" a "hack" is seriously and hilariously uninformed.

Hacking is a wide range of techniques not limited to just phishing, but phishing is a widely used form of initial "social engineering" methods popularized by hacker Kevin Mitnick (RIP) to get information such as logins and passwords used to facilitate further hacking process - data exfiltration and/or planting further malware, such as worms, viruses or ransomware.

Phishing is only one of many initial digital hacking methods, just like there are many "debuts/openings" in the chess game - you don't get to start in the middle.

#23 | Posted by LampLighter at 2024-04-11 06:19 PM
It wasn't just a few aides that the hackers went after; it was an all-out blitz across the Democratic Party. They tried to compromise Clinton's inner circle and more than 130 party employees, supporters and contractors.
While U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia was behind the email thefts, the AP drew on forensic data to report Thursday that the hackers known as Fancy Bear were closely aligned with the interests of the Russian government.

DNC and Hillary's campaign were protected by cybersecurity company Crowdstrike. They initially identified breach as cyber attack by APT28, which was later confirmed by multiple firms and agencies.

APT28 aka Fancy Bear, Tsar Team, Sofacy Group etc. are not just "closely aligned with the interests of the Russian government" - they are one of the Russian government's cyber espionage APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) teams, more specifically attached to and having all the resources of military intelligence unit / GRU. Other Russian government APTs are Cozy Bear aka Midnight Blizzard, Dark Halo etc (APT29, SVR and FSB) - which is responsible for recent, and still ongoing, breach and exfil of HPE and Microsoft's Azure/MS365-managed email accounts systems, including US and other governments accounts.

China has several APTs (e.g., APT20, APT27, APT30, APT31, APT41 etc.) as well as Iran (APT33, APT34 APT35) and North Korea (APT37), Pakistan etc. Israel's IDF Unit 8200 is one of the best at cyber warface, but works mostly to penetrate military targets, like Iran's nuclear arms facilities.


#5 | POSTED BY DONNERBOY AT 2024-04-03 01:07 PM
Sales have obviously not "plateaued" in China.

Depends on what you call "plateaued" :

www.bloomberg.com - China's Abandoned, Obsolete Electric Cars Are Piling Up in Cities | A subsidy-fueled boom helped build China into an electric-car giant but left weed-infested lots across the nation -------- with unwanted battery-powered vehicles. - BL, August 17, 2023

On the outskirts of the Chinese city of Hangzhou ... a graveyard of sorts: a series of fields where hundreds upon hundreds of electric cars have been abandoned among weeds and garbage.

Similar pools of unwanted battery-powered vehicles have sprouted up in at least half a dozen cities across China,... In Hangzhou, some cars have been left for so long that plants are sprouting from their trunks.

The scenes recall the aftermath of the nation's bike-sharing crash in 2018, when tens of millions of bicycles ended up in rivers, ditches and disused parking lots after the rise and fall of startups backed by big tech such as Ofo and Mobike. ** ...


** www.theatlantic.com - The Bike-Share Oversupply in China: Huge Piles of Abandoned and Broken Bicycles | March 22, 2018

Last year, bike sharing took off in China, with dozens of bike-share companies quickly flooding city streets with millions of brightly colored rental bicycles. However, the rapid growth vastly outpaced immediate demand and overwhelmed Chinese cities, where infrastructure and regulations were not prepared to handle a sudden flood of millions of shared bicycles. Riders would park bikes anywhere, or just abandon them... Vast piles of impounded, abandoned, and broken bicycles have become a familiar sight in many big cities. ... Bike sharing remains very popular in China, and will likely continue to grow, just probably at a more sustainable rate.


#4 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2024-04-03 12:25 PM
Not if Biden/Trump have anything to do with it. Tariffs to prevent the blood bath.

LOL. Two "taboo" words in one pithy sentence! :-)

Of course, the "bloodbath" is just being postponed, kind of like with the frog in a pot boiling slowly.

#9 | Posted by earthmuse at 2024-04-03 03:32 PM
This is protectionism at its finest. And rightfully so, unless you want that many more unemployed roaming America's and Europe's streets.

Yep, that's what "pricing oneself out of the market" really means - happens when the unions and the governments set minimum or "living" wages. And that's just one reason why California has the highest official unemployment rate in the US. Thanks, "populism"!

So... Trump's tariffs and protectionism (and Biden staying silent on the subject and doing nothing to undo them) are officially good now, not "dumb"? No wonder the unions' rank-and-file (whatever is left of them) are for Trump while their leaderships are for Biden.
www.newsweek.com - April 1, 2024

... How that plays out, however, will depend on whether increasingly pro-Trump union members listen to leaders who are loyal to Democrats and President Joe Biden. ... Although Brown and Biden have long been seen as union men, working-class Americans have increasingly been turning to Trump and that has seen the Republican Party soften its stance against organized labor.

#5 | Posted by jpw at 2024-03-27 03:53 PM
With Trump sinking his claws into the RNC and its funding functions, you can guarantee down ballot candidates are going to see their funding dry up or disappear.
And all that work to build majorities at state and local levels over most of my life will evaporate.

That's unlikely... or at least, very unlikely due to "RNC and its funding functions" and most of RNC haul going to Trump - it would be much more likely due to "Dobbs" decision.

First of all, most of local GOP apparatus, especially the ones who worked to build majorities at state and local levels, are funded and operate pretty independently from RNC... and as they and their donors realize that money and attention from RNC is not reaching them, they will stop relying on and donating to RNC and start funding and pay attention to state/local races.

Second, most big money donors can't stand Trump and just decide to maybe give some token donations to RNC / Trump campaign, so as not to be blacklisted in case he wins, i.e., "insurance" money, but concentrate on direct donations to Senate and House campaigns, and some local where they see either promise of gaining seat(s) or shoring up potential losses - again, "insurance" but against Biden win. IOW, they will take on some of the responsibilities of 'dysfunctional' Trump-owned RNC - it's not a lot of work to set up PACs where they see are needed, any more than they've done before - just a change in distribution of capital.

Wouldn't be surprised if RNC / Trump campaign is being "starved" of big donors' money while some Senate and House campaigns are "supersized" with PAC's dollars.

"Double haters," in particular, may decide to split their vote and donate to GOP down ballot, while voting for Biden.

#6 | Posted by madbomber at 2024-03-27 04:06 PM | Reply |
In another country, "Republicans" would be being sent to the firing squad as communists or woke-ists or whatever, while being replaced by those whose loyalty to the premier superseded everything else.

Not even in another country/place, just in another time? Fast-forward a few hours, days, weeks, and we are not far from there already, minus "the firing squad" (for now?), courtesy of "America First" Il Duce and his family coterie:

'Bloodbath' at RNC as new leadership loyal to Trump purges staff | Lara Trump Promises to Use RNC to Complete MAGA Takeover of Party | Donald Trump's daughter-in-law made it clear that there's only one option going forward.

|------- Donald Trump is well on his way to replacing the conservative party with a "counterestablishment" of his own that, according to his family, has no room for dissenters.

41-year-old [Lara] Trump insisted that she was the only person loyal enough to the former president to be considered for the RNC job...

... Prospective RNC employees are being asked if they believe the 2020 election was stolen, constituting a "litmus test" as the 2024 election approaches. sources described the 2020 question "as unusual for a job interview" but saw it as a way of "questioning their loyalty to Donald Trump".

IMO, these old-school republicans aren't really betraying the party...it's just that the party has changed dramatically.

Like Reagan's "I didn't leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic party left me" - only now it's GOP?

#73 | Posted by madbomber at 2024-03-27 04:44 PM
Did Trump defraud the people who loaned him money? Is the intent of this lawsuit to get the lenders the money they would have gotten if the evaluation of Trump's assets had been more accurate? ... And if the banks feel they've been defrauded, why not let them sue? Or is that what's happening in this case?

That's the obvious angle, which is what Trump and his lawyers tried to argue in court... and in public.

That was not the real issue in the case - there are actually several (at least, two) other issues that are not clearly obvious but inter-related, why the state was involved - lenders/banks may have been eventually paid back because they were not the "end target" of fraud:

Think of this as inflating the valuations and therefore value of the investments in "business case" of the pyramid/Ponzi scheme "in progress" where the people have not yet lost or don't yet think they lost the money because they are overpaying for something based on understanding that since a bank loaned him money (which he openly touted, and which was part of his defense), it's presumed to have done a due diligence and therefore effectively "certified" the valuation for other would-be investors, condo buyers and/or lessees. For example, Bernie Madoff (who, as Trump, was also employing his relatives in the firm - brother, sons, niece) was running his Ponzi scheme for more than 20 years until more / enough people needed to withdraw or sell their overinflated "on paper" assets.

The other aspect is money-laundering - by inflating the valuation of the assets for the purpose of the bank loan, he may have either collateralized these assets to get other loans at much higher valuations - or, for example, as actually happened, had foreign (mostly Russian) "investors" buying condos in his empty buildings during 2006-2008 GFC at double pre-crash prices, to keep his bankrupt "empire" afloat.

That's why he was most concerned about, and making threats, to make sure that Robert Muller's investigation was not looking into his business dealings - anything else he could shrug off as a "hoax."

It's pretty well known that most, if not all, of his [money-losing] golf courses in Scotland and elsewhere are financed, and are essentially owned, by Russian money. ***

Of course, the easiest way to launder and/or "gift" someone money through fraud is via the stock market... like boosting the value of otherwise worthless securities or assets, as in "pump-and-dump" scheme. Trump has transferred his personally guaranteed loans, which unloaded his debts unto shareholders in his listed company trading under DJT and TRMP symbols, which "died" / was delisted in bankruptcy in 2004 (and its remnants filed BK in 2009, and then in 2014), when Trump had only a small stake but was getting fat "management and name licensing" fees. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Sam Bankman-Fried's crypto "empire" actually blew up - because Binance didn't bail him out - and he has just been sentenced to 25 years in "criminal" fraud case... yet there is a good chance that his victims may get all their money back simply due to huge bull run in crypto, which is also similar to what happened with "frozen" Mt Gox accounts years ago.

These "Ponzi in progress" charges would be a lot more difficult to prove, let alone get required unanimous conviction, in criminal trial - that's the reason for civil case and Trump's decision not to request a jury trial, i.e., getting a bench trial, which may be easier to appeal due to "bias" and/or "conduct" of the judge, which he constantly tried to provoke.

#7 | Posted by hamburglar at 2024-03-26 08:16 AM
Is it possible to raise animals in more sanitary conditions? It would affect food supply and prices.

Obviously - which is what California pols denied when they pushed Propositions 2 and 12 for "cage-free" chickens.

asmith.ucdavis.edu - Egg Prices are Still High, Especially in California - March 15, 2023

|------- That is what happens when a product most people buy quintuples in price.

The proximate cause of the price spike was avian flu, which caused millions of chickens to be killed, thereby reducing the supply of eggs. In the background, however, a massive transition is underway as the egg industry moves from caged to cage-free operation. What role did this play in the egg price spike?

Prior to 2015, California prices averaged about 60c per dozen higher than the Midwest, likely because most California eggs are produced in the Midwest and need to be shipped from there to here.

This requirement stemmed from Proposition 2, which California voters passed in 2008. Under the PFACA, California prices have been 85c above Midwest prices. It seems clear the PFACA raised the cost of producing eggs for California. ... In 2022 after Proposition 12 took effect, California wholesale egg prices averaged $1 higher than Midwest, up from a 85c gap in 2015-2021. ... Cage-free egg production is more expensive because hens that move more eat more and because disease spreads more easily. The price spread was more volatile in 2022 than before, perhaps indicating that the cage-free market is thin, i.e., more easily disrupted. ...

Proposition 12 also applies to hogs (which I wrote about here), but litigation has held up its implementation for pork products.

Check out the charts in the document.

Aren't antibiotics sometimes needed to treat sick animals? This seems much ado about nothing

- - - #4 | Posted by snoofy at 2024-03-25 08:44 PM
- - - This is about giving antibiotics to healthy animals.

This is about antibiotics that have been given to sick animals. Supply chains are sometimes disrupted, as we should all know by now, and recently there has been an outbreak of bird flu, which is why the prices of chicken eggs rose again sharply, after steady decline from the post-COVID peak.

www.cbsnews.com - Chick-fil-A will allow some antibiotics in its chicken, ditching its "No Antibiotics Ever" standard - CBS, Mar 25, 2024

|------- In 2014, Chick-fil-A said it would shift to a "No Antibiotics Ever," or NAE standard, meaning the company would not use any antibiotics-raised chickens. But now it is switching to a "No Antibiotics Important To Human Medicine," or NAIHM standard. Under this label, antibiotics are used to treat animals if they are sick, but use of antibiotics that are important to human medicine and are commonly used to treat people is restricted.

The company blamed supply chain ... concerns about the company's ability to acquire antibiotic-free chicken.

Chick-fil-A promised to continue to only serve "real, white breast meat with no added fillers, artificial preservatives or steroids" and source chickens from farms that follow its Animal Wellbeing Standards, which includes US-hatched and raised animals that are provided nutritional food and live in temperature controlled barns. -------|

#47 | Posted by Effeteposer at 2024-03-21 09:47 AM |
Dude you're boring...and uninformed. Too much unnecessary verbiage. You think it's impressive?

Putin's Russian IRA troll farm Kremlinbot - keep trolling for Putin and for rubles... while you are allowed, but:

We've already covered your comprehension level before - you don't need any because you just post the same script over and over, since it's # of rubles per post and response/"engagement," to turn any thread into "Ukraine" and "ZioNazis" - and agreed that my posts and "unnecessary verbiage" are not meant for you... to read or make empty comments on.

So "Dude," please try to remember this next time and spare me your ineffective propaganda script - I know its variants better than you do, whether you are drunk or not at the time.

Thank you.

BTW, your handlers may be experimenting with your "handle" - some of your posts have definite "AI" look-and-feel, different from your usual one - your days here may be numbered.

www.cnn.com - Wagner chief admits to founding Russian troll farm sanctioned for meddling in US elections

spyscape.com - Inside Russia's Notorious 'Internet Research Agency' Troll Farm

www.technologyreview.com - Troll farms reached 140 million Americans a month on Facebook before 2020 election, internal report shows

www.propublica.org - Infamous Russian Troll Farm Appears to Be Source of Anti-Ukraine Propaganda | Experts say a recent wave of pro-Putin disinformation is consistent with the work of Russia's Internet Research Agency, a network of paid trolls who attempted to influence the 2016 presidential election.

#13 | Posted by snoofy at 2024-03-19 08:19 AM
Good article about the Jews trying to erase Al Aqsa from the face of the earth: aljazeera.com

Talk about Al-Jazeera cherry-picking a dying marginal movement of "the Jews" and usual, old Arab grievances: muse.jhu.edu - Temple Mount Faithful movement [PDF, 19p] or wiki: en.m.wikipedia.org

Grievances here: en.m.wikipedia.org - Excavations at the Temple Mount
here: www.jcpa.org - The destruction of the Temple Mount antiquities ...
and here: architexturez.net - Arabs continue destroying Jewish archaeology on the Temple Mount, and on, and on...

"The intention is to turn the entire 36-acre Temple Mount compound into an exclusively Muslim site by erasing every sign, memory of its Jewish past..."

en.m.wikipedia.org: |------- Temple Mount is a hill in the Old City of Jerusalem that has been venerated as a holy site in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for thousands of years.

... Some Arab-Muslim commentators and scholars attempt to deny Jewish connection with the Temple Mount...

The site, along with the whole of East Jerusalem (which includes the Old City), was controlled by Jordan from 1948 until 1967 and has been occupied by Israel since the Six-Day War of 1967. Shortly after capturing the site, Israel handed its administration back to the Waqf under the Jordanian Hashemite custodianship, while maintaining Israeli security control. The Israeli government enforces a ban on prayer by non-Muslims as part of an arrangement...

... On 28 September 2000, then-opposition leader of Israel Ariel Sharon and members of the Likud Party, along with 1,000 armed guards, visited the al-Aqsa compound. After Sharon and the Likud Party members left, a demonstration erupted and Palestinians on the grounds of the Haram al-Sharif began throwing stones and other projectiles at Israeli riot police. ... The visit sparked a five-year uprising by the Palestinians, commonly referred to as the al-Aqsa Intifada, though some commentators, citing subsequent speeches by Palestinian Authority officials, particularly Imad Falouji and Yasir Arafat, claim that the Intifada had been planned months in advance, as early as July upon Arafat's return from Camp David. -------|


|------- In the immediate aftermath of these events, it was generally accepted... that Arafat had made a grave error in rejecting a deal that Barak accepted. However, not too long afterwards and in the years since, revisionist historians and journalists have endeavored to portray the events as far more ambiguous, inherently flawed and misunderstood, thereby absolving Arafat of fault. ...

The best review of the events at Camp David was written by chief U.S. negotiator Dennis Ross, published in 2004.[3] Broadly... and backed by Ross and numerous observers, Arafat and his team rejected all proposals... Arafat famously denied that a Jewish Temple existed on the Temple Mount and instead insisted that the real temple was built in Nablus. The fact that Arafat could not accept even the most basic Jewish history in the region was seen by both the Israelis and Clinton as an insult to their intelligence and a sign that Arafat was not negotiating in good faith. ... -------|

They complain about "the Jews" trying to "erase" al-Aqsa, while their own charter demands erasing Jews and entire nation from the face of the earth, just what Putin wants to do to Ukrainians. Bizarro World.

#19 | Posted by madbomber at 2024-03-19 10:22 AM |
It just gets tricky because it gives states the ability to eliminate candidates based on little more than perception, or even opinion.

Some may say a "slippery slope," but you have something there, it can actually simplify and speed up elections. Instead of clear (state and federacy) standards on who can and cannot hold the state and federal offices, and therefore be on the ballot - like age limits, citizenship, legal status, criminal history, etc. - we can just let the Governors or "election commissions" or state courts decide.

The hell with "democracy," let's go for efficiency - states' "election commissions" (I presume appointed by governors) will kick out the candidates they don't want on the ballot (let's say Trump is "senile, insurrectionist - January 6! Pence! Russia! Twice impeached!" and Biden is "old, senile, corrupt - Big Guy! Hunter! Burisma! Ukraine! China!")

For most states, like Colorado or South Dakota it's not important because they already know who will win and can just "let the voters decide" by going through the process and concentrate on other / local issues, so it would be mostly up to about "swing" and/or "mixed" states, which is how it is now, except the decision will already be made for voters, unless they want to write in "ineligible" candidate, and there can be upfront rules about acceptance/non-acceptance of these "rogue" votes.

Then we'll just count the states' votes total and be done and will know who our President is right after they secured their party's nominations - easy-peasy, nothing "rigged" about it, and the citizens know that when they vote for Governor (or whoever decides the ballot inclusion/exclusion) which party President (the actual candidate TBD later) they are voting for.

We'll know which party will be in the White House and govern the Senate, maybe House, well before "general" elections - eliminates the uncertainty, simple, efficient, no drama, no trauma, Putin-style.

I mean, we are not that far from that already - about half-dozen "swing" states will decide elections outcome - Trump not being on Colorado ballot wouldn't change outcome of the general election, which is why it was politically so nakedly partisan and, therefore politically stupid.

If / while we do that, maybe we can do something that really matters, and can cut corruption significantly - have an amendment that denies a single person (President and Governor) power of pardon and/or commutation - which they can use to either pardon themselves (TBD by SCOTUS) or promise pardon to people who may commit crimes on their behalf / for their benefit. I think we've seen enough of that happening... but neither major party even brings this up, apparently just awaiting their turn at the helm/trough, to use the way they see fit.

"It's good to be the King!"

www.newsweek.com - My Fellow Palestinians: It's Time to Get Rid of Our Leaders and Accept Israel's Offers for Peace - Bassem Eid, PALESTINIAN HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST - Jan 28, 2024

|------- There's been a lot of criticism of Israel recently for purportedly rejecting a two-state solution... The truth is more complex. As a Palestinian who genuinely yearns for a two-state solution and an improvement in living conditions in the West Bank and Gaza, I believe this truth must be told: It is Israel - and the Zionist Jewish community preceding independence - that consistently offered compromise, dialogue, and a two-state solution. And it is Palestinian demagogues valuing personal power over the good of their people who have rejected these openhanded offers - in favor of endless strife and the desire that the Jewish community be completely destroyed.

It is the Palestinian Arab nationalist movement that has betrayed the Palestinian people and consistently opposed peace. ... -------|

*** Bill Clinton tried "peace process" with Arafat who was only stringing everyone along while skimming billions of USDs for himself and associates, just before starting Second Intifada:

www.newsweek.com - Clinton To Arafat: It's All Your Fault - Jun 26, 2001
|------- ... Bill Clinton gave vent to his frustrations this week over the collapse of peace in the Mideast. And Clinton directed his ire at one man: Yasir Arafat. ... Clinton said he told Arafat that by turning down the best peace deal he was ever going to get - the one proffered by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and brokered by Clinton last July... . But Arafat didn't listen. ...

He described Arafat as an aging leader who relishes his own sense of victimhood and seems incapable of making a final peace deal....

Clinton said he bluntly contradicted Arafat when... the Palestinian leader expressed doubts that the ancient Jewish temple actually lay beneath the Islamic-run compound in Jerusalem containing the holy Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. -------|

www.theguardian.com - Arafat didn't negotiate - he just kept saying no - The Guardian, May 22, 2002

|------- ... Clinton said: "... The true story of Camp David was that for the first time in the history of the conflict the American president put on the table a proposal, based on UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, very close to the Palestinian demands, and Arafat refused even to accept it as a basis for negotiations, walked out of the room, and deliberately turned to terrorism."

Clinton was speaking of the two-week-long Camp David conference in July 2000... and its failure, and the eruption at the end of September of the Palestinian intifada which has continued since.

Arafat said no. -------|

honestreporting.com - In Depth: Arafat Rejected Peace in 2000 - July 11, 2021

|------- Recent peace agreements between Israel and UAE, Bahrain and Sudan have changed the face of the Arab-Israeli conflict and revealed a pent-up frustration among Arab nations with the long-standing Palestinian veto on their ability to normalize relations with Israel.

... Bandar... focusing on Palestinian leadership mistakes over the decades, capped off in the final part recounting the colossal error committed by Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat in rejecting a peace agreement with Israel in 2000-2001. -------|

Thomas Friedman: Israel today is in grave danger. With enemies like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis and Iran, Israel should be enjoying the sympathy of much of the world.

Friedman, as usual, looks in a political rear view mirror and sees the "future" - Israel had "enemies like Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis and Iran..." for decades - first through all the Soviet Union-supported Arabic states' genocidal wars since Day 1 of Israel's existence... and after decades of supporting Islamist terrorist organizations like PLO, PFLP and PIJ, and spreading disinformation by Soviet Union's KGB and GRU, using "Palestinians" as an issue... so it never was "enjoying the sympathy of much of the world"... because "Jooos."

Our resident Russian troll Effeteposer is just one tiny cog in that old war machine, while former KGB/FSB Colonel Vladimir Putin is trying to reconstruct the "glorious" Federation of former Soviet Republics, and his partner Ayatollah of Iran is doing what he can to help.

www.ynetnews.com - The KGB Middle East files

|------- Chapter 2: Palestinian spies
Palestinians in service of Mother Russia

Secret KGB documents reveal just how deeply involved the Soviet Union was... The Russian spy agency provided Palestinian terror organizations with funds, training and arms, running agents like 'Krotov'/'Mole' Mahmoud Abbas, 'Aref' Yasser Arafat and 'Nationalist,' who was behind several plane hijackings long before 9/11. ...

Egypt and Jordan have since been "living side by side" and trading with Israel, several Arab states just signed peace and trade treaties, and the big fish, Saudis were about to do the same. So Iran (not Arab country) pulled the trigger on one of "their" Palestinian terrorist groups to prevent the "peace process" from completion.

One of many serious articles from Arab and Palestinian authors: **
www.gatestoneinstitute.org - Why Arabs Are Fed up With the Palestinians - by Khaled Abu Toameh, July 12, 2022 (well before October 7, 2023)

|------- The Palestinians can only blame themselves for antagonizing their Arab brothers... The Palestinians have been spitting in the face of the Arab countries, while at the same time expecting these countries to continue funding them.

The Arabs are clearly not as nave as the Americans and Europeans, who are continuing to pour millions of dollars annually on the Palestinians...

Had the Palestinians welcomed the many peace accords between Israel and the Arab states instead of condemning them*** and bad-mouthing the Arab leaders, they would have been in a much better situation today...

The Palestinian leadership, by contrast, is happy to fail its people by indoctrinating generation after generation with bloodlust for Jews. ...

The truth is that most of the Arab countries long ago turned their backs on the Palestinians. ... It is ironic that while the European Union recently announced its decision to resume unconditional financial aid to the Palestinians, the Arab countries continue to completely ignore the Palestinians. It is also ironic that while the Biden administration continues to talk about providing financial aid to the Palestinians, the Arab countries do not seem to care at all about their Palestinian brothers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. ...

... prominent Kuwaiti journalist Ahmed Al-Jarallah explained why he and many others are fed up with the Palestinians. "We are the only ones who rescued them [Palestinians] in 1970 when they launched their war on Jordan. The late Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah evacuated their leader Yasser Arafat from Amman..." -------|

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