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I have read several spring break stories with many of the spring breakers quoted. Not a one said the felt it was safe because of what the president said as you say.
Can you cite your source, please?


So, you are admitting that they feel that it is safe. And that the President and other conservatives have said that it is safe (no worse than the flu).

But you want PROOF that those are related? Why does it matter? What is the point of you being so obscenely pedantic (other than the obvious, that you are deflecting and holding water for your lord and savior Donald Trump)?

YOU say that them feeling things are safe is "selfish". So do you also believe that Donald Trump TELLING people that they are safe was "selfish"?

I don't know why you think I should condemn some random kids for acting poorly, when the top levels of conservatives in our government have been acting even worse. Look at Rand Paul. He probably infected half of the Senate. Wasn't THAT selfish??? Conservatives in government have consistently downplayed and spread FUD about this crisis, and they are (or are supposed to be) RESPONSIBLE TO ME. My tax dollars pay their salaries. And they are supposed to be ROLE MODELS for the kids you are complaining about. Those kids owe me nothing, have NO responsibility to me. Yet here you are, focusing on some kids instead of the adults who are supposed to be setting the examples.

THAT is what you and the other conservatives built. You are just a typical boomer, a little snowflake whining about how outraged you are that millennials are following YOUR example in how to be selfish.

What happened to all those supposed "libertarians"? When did all the conservatives decide to become socialists, focused on "the greater good" and giving away "free stuff"? They were always preaching about how YOUR RIGHTS should not be restricted because of SOMEONE ELSE'S problem. But now that YOU have the problem (higher risk of dying from the virus) YOU want to restrict THEIR rights to protect yourself. They are just following YOUR ideology. Deal with it. Stop your whining. It is annoying.


I don't think anyone actually wants to "nationalize" production at this point. Though, if you want, you can trace confusion for that term to Trump who said we SHOULDN'T "nationalize" in response to people suggesting he use the Defense Production Act to ensure increased supply of vital medical supplies (even though the DPA does not actually "nationalize" production).


So, while you are correct that Bruce is probably using the word incorrectly, you should probably tell the idiot president, that idiot conservatives elected to lead and represent them, to stop using the term incorrectly first.

Or you could just be a pedant and a Trump sycophant. That is actually more what is expected of you.

It snuck up in the sense that China knew what they were dealing with, hid it from the public and enabled it to travel the globe.
You want to rip the Trump admin for a subpar or bad response, fine. But don't carry water for the Chi-comms. Their culpability for this global pandemic vastly and exponentially eclipses how other governments have responded and that includes Trump.


Why do I give a crap about the Chinese response? Or any other government response?

Are you actually saying you EXPECTED China to be completely transparent and forthright in this situation? If not, do you think that you are a genius among conservatives and all the rest of them (especially the ones you decided to put in charge of the government) are too dumb to realize that China might NOT be transparent?

The important question is how do we prevent this from happening in the future. That is why "blame" is important. How do you PROPOSE to change China's behavior, Jeff? Because last I checked they were a sovereign country. And they are pretty much going to do what they want regardless of what YOU want them to do.

Though, there are things we can control. Knowing how we expect China to react in a similar situation we can put mechanisms in place to counter it or at least lower the risk. One thing you could do is have a portion of government keeping an eye out for these threats. Lets give it a random name like... Pandemic Response Team. Then, even if China DOES NOT do everything perfectly how Jeff wants them to, you have people watching out for that and preparing to respond properly in the US.

Refusing to just whine about something that we have no control over (another country's response) is not "holding water" for them. It is acknowledging our limitations. We vote for OUR government, not theirs. We expect OUR GOVERNMENT to respond to the best of its ability. And YOU are "holding his water" by saying that its not all poor Trump's fault that he had a terrible response, because the Chinese did what we would have expected them to do anyways.

This is why we need to get conservatives out of government. They absolutely refuse to take responsibility for their shortcomings, hence why they are always screwing things up and repeating their mistakes. You cannot learn from a mistake unless you are willing to actually ACKNOWLEDGE it was a mistake (as opposed to just blaming it on the Chinese).

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