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1. Liberals made up this absurd PC crap and ensured that anyone who doesn't follow is cancelled and their lives are destroyed, then you mock those who follow along? It really doesn't get any dumber than that.


Lol. You conservatives are so ridiculous.

I have no problem with them not using the term "Karen". It is a derogatory term that broad brushes a large group of people.

I just find your hypocrisy, and the hypocrisy of conservatives in general, exceedingly amusing. Because CONSERVATIVES have mocked liberals for this exact thing. "Just call it what it is." Getting all outraged and high and mighty about whether you should even call someone by their preferred pronouns. Because the conservative base is not gays, or transgender people, or minorities, or any of the other groups of marginalized people that feels the weight of these derogatory broad brush terms when they are used against them. And you claim that they are just little "snowflakes", being too "sensitive".

But AS SOON AS there is a term that ACTUALLY applies to a section of the conservative base, SUDDENLY you are concerned about THEIR feelings. As soon as their white privilege is violated, as soon as THEY feel what it is like to be mocked and degraded, your attitude takes a 180 degree turn. People want to be used by the pronoun they relate to, want to kneel during the anthem to show support for a cause, want to not have government support for derogatory costumes or holidays and conservatives spout mockery and derision. But use the work "racist" or "Karen" or "Boomer" and suddenly conservatives are worried that "feelings" will be hurt and that it is "unfair".

Conservatives love to call people that they disagree with "snowflakes", but it has become overwhelmingly obvious that the reason that they coined the term in the first place is because they are intimately familiar with what the term means and what it means to live in that way.

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