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Now people fret over this impending fascist dictatorship... somehow led by a guy that can't even get people to sign up for his social media platform.


There is nothing special about Trump. He is just a hateful narcissist. There are lots of those people around, and there always have been.

What is is significant is that the Republican Party (or, more accurately, their base) decided that he was the type of person who they thought best represented them, who best reflected their values.

I don't care about getting rid of Trump. He is just one piece of scum. If you get rid of him, there where be another to take his place soon after. What is significant, what SHOULD worry you, is that he is a symptom of the rot that has spread to the core of the conservative movement. And, for some reason, this guy who "can't even get people to sign up for his social media platform" is the current frontrunner to win the Republican nomination. At the same time he is under federal indictment for, at the very least, gross negligence in his handling of national security secrets.

Yet, the fact he is under indictment only seems to make him more popular with conservatives in this country? That is the rot that this article is talking about. Do you want to try to explain why you think that does not portend bad things for the political future of this country?

(I could go into all the other high crimes that Trump committed while in office, which his popularity prove that conservatives also don't care about, but I don't need to add another few thousand words to this post.)

Drudge Retort

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