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You people are the problem.
We cant even honor hero's without your negativity.
Go find yourself another country please.


No... we aren't.

What heros? Most of them aren't.

If you want me to feel moved to honor the people who have did "in service" to this country, then maybe you should work a little harder to make sure that then their actions were actually in service to this country and not a select few high rolling donors who can profit off of their sacrifices. I don't respect sheep, and that is what the military has become. Because the people who join it are just mercenaries who get shuffled off to "sacrifice" for the good of the highest political bidder.

If you want me to respect the military, then you should try to turn the military into an organization worthy of my respect. Have it capable of maintaining the standards necessary to keep out white supremacists, fascists, and insurrectionists. Instead of dredging the dregs of society from the bottom of our barrel, because they are the only ones who are willing to sell their soul for 50 pieces of silver.

You can spout all the emotional snowflake BS you want. But I only respect people who are worth of my respect. I only respect a nation because their actions are worthy of my respect. Just like I don't automatically respect a person because they got lucky with who their parents were, their race, or the geographical location in which they happened to be born. I don't respect a country just because it was lucky enough to have me born in it.

That is what separates liberals and conservatives. Liberals give their respect to where it is earned and deserved. Conservatives give their respect based upon things in people's past, and usually outside of their control (when was the last time conservatives had a presidential nominee who wasn't born into money and power... Trump, Romney, McCain, Bush... you only choose elitists as your leaders). So of course you respect the military "just because" without caring about the character of that organization. Or participate in the organization without caring about the morality of the things it engages in.

So I will respect the actual heros that have sacrificed their lives for this country. But lumping in all the gullible sheep and mercenaries who have died in service of the military industrial complex disrespects the memory of the actual heros. And insisting on adding them in to the group who are supposed to be "honored" for this holiday makes this holiday not worth celebrating.

Drudge Retort

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