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But there is evidence of voter fraud. In some cases very real and applicable evidence.


You have to understand our skepticism. Because conservatives claimed there was massive voter fraud in 2016, and the president established a commission to investigate, yet it found pretty much nothing (after wasting millions of taxdollars on investigating).

So, unless you present some sort of evidence, then we tend to just assume that they are more conservative lies just like in 2016.

And, the states do investigate voter fraud. That is why they had to redo an election in 2018 (in NC) due to the electoral malfeasance of conservatives. And, pretty sure someone ended up going to jail over it. And, if you actually follow the news then you would see that every year people are investigated for voter fraud, but it is usually people who make a mistake or a misunderstanding.

But, it is almost never widespread, and pretty much never even intentional, so it does not penetrate the conservative news echo chamber. And, because you don't hear about people getting investigated for widespread intentional voter fraud (which, like the gullible sheep you are you KNOW must happen because the conservative talking heads tell you it does) you assume that it must be because it is just not investigated, not because (as is actually the case) it just doesn't happen.

Because you associate with and amplify liars we are not going to believe you when you don't present any evidence. Because we know that you are perfectly happy to spread lies that suit your agenda, so demand primary sources that we can actually trust to back up your claims.

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