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"How do you spin it, Hans?" - #65 | Posted by Raystradamus at 2019-10-18 06:17 PM

"Spin" isn't necessary.

Hypocrisy is one of those self-evident thingys those who think.

#49 | Posted by Raystradamus at 2019-10-18 05:47 PM

Truth is always like oil in water, no matter how much water you add to depress it, it always floats on top.

"The Times has a paywall. So I googled it." - #48 | Posted by Raystradamus at 2019-10-18 05:45 PM

I provided two (2) different sources in my post, and the titles alone show you were wrong in your claim.

"...serving as an unpaid adviser to her father in the White House..."

An employee is an individual who was hired by an employer to do a specific job. The employee is hired by the employer after an application and interview process results in his or her selection as an employee. This selection occurs after the applicant is found by the employer to be the most qualified applicant to do the job.


Apparently, compensation is not necessarily a part of being an employee.

And, after all, you claimed "Ivanka is not a federal employee."

In fact, she is.

The Heavily Politicized Obama DOJ

"I never thought I could miss Eric Holder, yet here we are." - quote by Tom Nichols, U.S. Naval War College University Professor and noted conservative commentator

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