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#7 Your ignorance of the subject matter isn't surprising in the least. I'll chalk it up to unwillingness to learn.

#8 | POSTED BY LAURAMOHR AT 2023-01-16 07:16 AM | REPLY | GFY (if you still can)

Oh puhleeze... I've been dealing with the trans community since the 80's so I remember before it was a thing and "there was this doctor in Colorado" who performed "the surgery" before it was commercialized, and exploited then Thailand became the place to go to get it done cheaply.
Seriously the b.s. spouted by you and another denial of their chromosomal reality types is this undercurrent of narcissism where a guy thinks he can "do woman better than a woman. Seriously... when trans women discuss themselves its all about T&A and what a nice set they got allowing them to "express their true nature". PPPPFFFTTTTTTT

In reality, most of the trans pushback comes from M2Fs. To me what they are are men inside wanting to be admired and desired by men in a way that women born with the chromosomal makeup take for granted. There is so much importance placed on the penis (which is just another organ) losing it or acquiring a reasonable facsimile of one is some great sacrifice... and you want to be admired for that... which is basically mutilating your body to achieve the degree of attention you want... and a lifetime of hormones to compel your body to appear like the opposite sex. Hell ironically not only do you have to take estrogen to look like you want... but and ironically so... you have to take testosterone in order to have sexual desire.

Trust me if you are M2F who died today and the remains of your body were discovered 500 years from now what they would find is a male skeleton with a pair of implants on his chest... and probably a few fake teeth. All the products of a wealthy society are able to indulge in such whimsy.

I know my thoughts on this are not warm and cuddly but they are reality-based. No, I don't hate trans people I just don't go for that cultural octopus ink you spew trying to deny the truth of what you are.

BTW there is a trans community that is reality-based about their life choice... so not everyone travels the road you've chosen.

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