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Friday, August 28, 2020

Two convention attendees and two individuals supporting the event, which ended Thursday, have tested positive for the coronavirus so far. read more



You understand they are referring to the Subpoena being Authentic, not the Emails or Laptop, right?

And the 272 designation is a designation from the investigation requesting the subpoena.

But let's put this in perspective:

Hunter Biden, living in California, drops off a broken laptop containing proof of criminal activity and a sex tape to a Delaware computer repair shop he doesn't know and that happens to be run by a hard core Trump supporter. The owner can't positively identify Hunter Biden as the person who dropped it off and has changed his story repeatedly about who contacted who with law enforcement and the Trump campagin. The owner admits to illegally breaking into the laptop to look through its contents. One of the key emails is a PDF copy of an email rather than the email itself despite the shop owner, Trump campaign and New York Post having access to the laptop. The laptop allegedly contains an email thanking Hunter for introducing a Board Member of Burisma to Biden even though no record of such a meeting exists and no one from Burisma has ever said they met Biden. The shop owner connects with Steve Bannon, who is under criminal charges, and Rudy leaks the story. Fox News wouldn't touch it and only the New York Post would run it. The Trump Campaign and shop owner refused to turn over the laptop to anyone else and a subpoena had to be obtained to get the laptop.

And it gets better:
1. There is no evidence in the laptop that Biden did Burisma any favors. (But the Right Wing is pretending there is)
2. Russia has a history of hacking and releasing Democratic emails to help Trump. (Could there have been a hack of Biden's actual computers and then the data was transferred to the laptop?)
3. There is strong history of the Trump campaign and Russia pushing doctored documents.
4. There is no evidence anywhere of Biden helping Burisma. The firing of the prosecutor has been debunked repeatedly. It's been proven that the firing of Viktor Shokin was both internationally supported, including by Republicans here in the US, and would likely lead to created scrutiny of Burisma. Shoken wasn't even investigating Burisma at the time of the firing.
5. Lastly, Rudy Giuliani has gone from "Biden is guilty of wrongdoing" to "even if the premise of the Post story is false, the American people deserve to see the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop."

Just to make it easier on the right wing idiots...

Trump has contributed $8,020.58 to his campaign for the 2020 Election.

Here is the FEC filing showing it: docquery.fec.gov

This document covers all his contributions since his 2020 campaign began. His contribution appears to be from several years ago.

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