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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Senate tabled an effort by Sen. Rand Paul Tuesday to force a vote on the constitutionality of former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, but the vote offered an indicator for how Republican senators -- who overwhelmingly voted for Paul's measure -- feel about the trial. read more


#176 Well said.
Here's an example of two families I know with similar family income:
The Jones's lived modestly, took no vacations, drove used cars, lived modestly so their kids could graduate from a state school without debt
The Smith's spent their disposable income on vacations, new cars, boats. Kid took out big loans to go to Duke
Their choice. You can debate which kid is going to turn out better rounded and more successful, but all is fair.
UNTIL the Govt decides to forgive college debt. The government has just given the Smiths new cars, a boat, vacations and a top education for their kid and told the Jones's they have to pay for it with what they have left over.


Do you know how much State school costs these days? With tuition, room, board, books, etc. you are looking at $20k-$25K per year IN STATE. Plus interest anywhere from 3.5-9%. This also doesn't include any money for daily needs like clothing, gas, etc.

Your comparison is also idiotic.
1. You basically say a family should sacrifice a ton so their kid can go to the cheapest school without debt.
2. If they have more than 1 kid, sucks to be them.
3. You have to assume they are upper middle class to even save enough to send 1 kid to a state school without debt.
4. And if the family doesn't do all of this, then you basically say ---- the Kid! He's out of luck!

And forgiving student debt isn't giving the Smith's anything. It's giving their KID something who is under a mountain of debt thanks to his family.

MAYBE you live in this dream world where every kid's family pays for their college education. But in the real world, that doesn't happen. ESPECIALLY in middle class and lower middle class families.

Please for Christ's sake, watch this on Student Loans and you'll understand how we got into this ------- mess: Adam Ruins Everything www.youtube.com

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