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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

it's always fun to watch a Trump lawyer at work, because you know that supreme clownf*ckery can break out at any moment. you see, Trump lawyers don't get make their own decisions about how to do their job. nope, they have an abject moron for a client " one who believes that he knows more about lawyering than all the lawyers. so they have to sit and listen as their addle-brained client rants and raves about you f cking idiots, you need to be attacking the judge and witnesses more. here, let me tell you what to say " and also here, put this guy on the stand, he's going to win it for us.


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all this has resulted in one courtroom disaster after another, and sure enough, late yesterday afternoon, Trump's lawyers pointed guns at their own feet " and pulled the trigger until it went click.

it all happened because Trump ordered his lawyers to call Robert Costello to the stand.

Costello " a Trump hanger-on who had served as a legal advisor to both Michael Cohen and Rudy Colludy " was there to testify that Michael Cohen is a poopy-head who sucks all ass, and also is a lying liar who lies about everything. what Costello did instead was to pour gasoline all over his own credibility and set a match to it.

during the defense's questioning of Costello, the prosecution naturally raised a number of objections. with each sustained objection, Costello grew ever more irritated with Judge Merchan " shaking his head, muttering, and rolling his eyes, until finally COSTELLO (muttering with exasperation): JESUS MERCHAN (LEANS OVER): "I'M SORRY?!"

holy sh*t! Costello violated the Prime Directive: don't piss off the judge. Merchan was all earth to dumb-ass: shut the f*ck up.

Judge Merchan is ANGRY:


MERCHAN: "I'd like to discuss proper decorum in my courtroom" MERCHAN: "If you don't like my ruling, you don't say Jeez'" MERCHAN: You don't say "strike it" because I'm the only one who can strike it. MERCHAN: "You don't give me side eye and you don't roll your eyes" COSTELLO: I understand.

putting Costello on the stand was a f*cking disaster for Trump " a disaster that everyone could see coming a mile away.


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Cohen had testified that he denied Trump's affair with Daniels to Costello because Cohen didn't trust him. At that time it was not known that Costello would be called by the defense to testify. No one knows what the jurors are thinking but that portion of Cohen's testimony may be pivotal. Trump wanted Costello to get on the stand and tell the court that Cohen said there was no affair. What Trump didn't count on was that prosecutors would use the opportunity to introduce emails from Costello that shows the legal advice he had been giving Cohen was in Trump's best interest, not Cohen's. Costello ended up providing evidence that collaborated Cohen's testimony by demonstrating exactly why Cohen didn't trust him. That's some straight up mafia type behavior.
If I were Trump's codefendants in the Florida case, Carlos De Oliveira or Walt Nauta, I'd be firing my Trump connected lawyer and opting for independent representation.

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