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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Those lawsuits, which have been consolidated into one federal suit, accuse RealPage of illegal price fixing through its YieldStar software, which recommends rent increases to landlords. The lawsuits, including one in California, have been ongoing since 2022, when the first class-action lawsuit was filed in Washington.



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It's weird how capitalism, which as we've all been told is just "human nature", requires nationwide price gouging/fixing conspiracies to turn a profit, in'nit?

#1 | Posted by tres_flechas at 2024-06-12 12:47 PM | Reply

What a cool system.

It brings on a lot of innovation.

#2 | Posted by tres_flechas at 2024-06-12 02:19 PM | Reply

Who says it 'needs' them to turn a profit? Oh, you... to make an artificial point.

Some -------- conspired to gouge the system, Are you going to claim whatever fantasy system you think is better couldn't be gamed? Isn't being gamed wherever it's being implemented? If you do you're dumber than I thought, and that's pretty fu62ing dumb.

#3 | Posted by kwrx25 at 2024-06-13 07:14 AM | Reply

Some -------- conspired to gouge the system,



It's only ever the bad ones.

"Some" of them.

Your source is:

Trust me, bro.

#4 | Posted by tres_flechas at 2024-06-14 05:02 PM | Reply

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