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You love to ignore the fact that 24 years had passed, and she had gone from middling to competitive in the Semi-Finals, and to the Doubles Finals.

She was middle aged and gone through the stresses of a transition, and was competitive against the best in the World in the finals.

Your 66-110 stat is intriguing, I don't know the timeframe that played out over, but it would seem to be a decent stretch of time, and she would have only been aging more and more.

comparing like to like after transitioning but still in her younger years I'll quote a highly complimentary article from tennis.com:

"Just one year before, Dr. Richard Raskind, an accomplished athlete who had captained the men's team at Yale two decades earlier, had undergone sexual-reassignment surgery. Soon after, as Dr. Renée Richards, she moved from New York to Newport Beach, CA, to start a new life. But there was one thing she couldn't leave behind: her conspicuous skill at tennis.

After impressing the members at her new club, Richards agreed to enter a tournament in nearby La Jolla. A woman in the audience made the connection between the tall lefty who was mowing down the competition, and a story she heard about a tennis-playing doctor who moved west after having a sex change."

Mowing down the competition... seems that a midling male player had no problem "mowing down the competition" when still closer to her prime.

Ultimately, I don't think Renee in anyway makes your point, 24 years older and highly competitive I still feel makes the contrary point.

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