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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Democrat David Eldridge Struggles to Explain 1992 Call to Keep "the Blacks, the Spanish, and White Trash" Out of Shelton[,Connecticut].

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Quadrupedal robots are one of the most interesting developments in robotics in recent years. read more

"I can't wait for the shooting to start" one of the threats said while referencing the doctor's race and national origin. read more

Former President Donald Trump is scheduled to be deposed next week in New York City for a lawsuit filed by protestors who allege they were "violently attacked" by his security guards on the sidewalk outside of Trump Tower in September 2015. read more

A judge on Friday denied a last-ditch effort to dismiss a criminal case against actor Jussie Smollett, who is accused of lying to police when he reported that he was the victim of a racist, anti-gay attack in downtown Chicago in January 2019.


Speaking of anti-vax...

5 times as many police officers have died from COVID as from guns since pandemic began

...COVID-19 is the leading cause of death for police officers even though members of law enforcement were among the first to be eligible to receive the vaccine, CNN reports, citing data from the Officer Down Memorial Page.

Why it matters: Nearly 476 police officers have died of COVID-19 since the pandemic started, compared to the 93 deaths as a result of gunfire in the same time period, according to ODMP and CNN. ...

So the leadership of the various Police Unions seem to want their members to die?

I have to ask... why does there seem to be a death cult with COVID? Why do leaders seem to want their constituents to die? Has politics scrambled their brains to the extent that they want to die?

And far more concerning... if politics has scrambled their brains to that extent, how well are they able to Protect and Serve?

Interesting tune just popped up in the headphones here...

Shriekback - Nemesis

Intersting lyrics excerpt... ( https://genius.com/Shriekback-nemesis-lyrics )

But you know evil is an exact science
Being carefully correctly wrong
We are no monsters, we're moral people
And yet we have the strength to do this
This is the splendor of our achievement

Are Republicans being carefully correctly wrong?

Serious question.

Something's going on in the fossil fuel world. I wish I knew what it is.

Can it be blamed on supply-chain issues?

I doubt it.

But... natural gas is about twice as expensive as usual, going into the winter here in the northeast.

Winter-Fuel Worries Accelerate U.S. Natural Gas Price Increase

...Gas prices have already more than doubled this year and the peak, winter demand season is still weeks away in major cities like Chicago that rely heavily on the fuel for residential heating. The futures pushed almost 7% higher on Thursday after a government tally of crucial auxiliary supplies stored underground showed a weaker-than-expected increase with time running out to boost inventories. The gain was tempered late in the session by bearish midday weather forecasts.

Energy prices are soaring worldwide as the approach of winter in the northern hemisphere exposes widening supply deficits in gas, power and coal that have forced some manufacturers to idle factories. Post-pandemic economic rebounds may be in jeopardy in some of the world's biggest economies as the unprecedented pressures force governments and regulators to make hard choices about whether to triage energy deliveries to essential sectors....

I mean, a major WTF is in order here.


Did someone accidentally hit the "off" switch on something?

@#11 ... Not just companies, but also individuals. ...

While there are some individuals at blame, the majority of the problem is due to companies.

How Many Employers Have Been Prosecuted for Employing Illegals?

Companies should be punished for hiring illegals

...A small army of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents surrounded the plants, one by one, and arrested about 680 workers alleged to be in this country illegally. ... But as ICE continues processing the immigrants arrested in the raids, owners of the plants remain free -- despite the fact they, too, are alleged to have broken the law by hiring "undocumented" workers. ...

Looks like quite the family...

New wrongful death suit names Murdaughs (2019)

...A new wrongful death suit has been filed in connection with the death of Mallory Beach, a 19-year-old Hampton County female who died following a Feb. 24 boat crash in Beaufort County.

The suit, filed by Renee Beach, mother of Mallory Beach, was filed in Hampton County Court of Common Pleas on Friday, March 29. In addition to several parties named in an earlier lawsuit filed in Beaufort County on March 20 (see original story below), this wrongful death suit names Richard Alexander Murdaugh, Richard Alexander Murdaugh, Jr., and Randolph Murdaugh III, individually and as Trustee of the Murdaugh Residence Trust 2. The Murdaugh Residence Trust 2 is a South Carolina Trust that owns two properties collectively referred to as "The Island" in the suit.

In addition to parties and allegations named in the earlier suit, this suit alleges the following:

That Richard Alexander Murdaugh Jr., who is over 21, allowed his younger brother, who is under 21, to use his drivers' license to purchase and consume alcohol, which was shared with other minors, prior to the fatal boat crash;

That, prior to the fatal boat crash, several minors consumed alcohol on The Island, and there was also alcohol available for consumption at The Island;

That Randolph Murdaugh III, as Trustee of the Murdaugh Residence Trust 2, knew or should have known that The Island was being used by minors as a place to illegally consume alcohol....

I thought the name had a familiar rig to it...

@#3 ... we can't even keep hackers out of hospitals mainframes can you imagine what's going to happen when one of these things is being operated by someone that means to cause As Much Death and destruction as they can? ...

Just happened upon this article recently...

NSA Renews Focus On Securing Military Weapons Systems Against 'Capable' Rivals

...The head of the National Security Agency's Cybersecurity Directorate said that one of his agency's top priorities has become protecting US weapons systems from cyber threats, representing a shift in focus brought about by the rise of an increasingly multipolar world with highly capable cyber adversaries.

"We spent the past 20 years in Afghanistan, where our weapons systems were not targeted by the foe," because it lacked the technical capability, NSA's Rob Joyce told the annual Billington Cybersecurity Summit on Wednesday. "But near-peer adversaries have the capabilities to exploit us when we do things incorrectly," Joyce continued, referring to China and Russia. Joyce also said Iran and North Korea remain a concern as increasingly capable cyber adversaries.

"In terms of weapons systems, we have computers on wings, at sea, and on land. We don't think of [weapons systems] that way, but none of them work without computers," Joyce observed.

Indeed, the Defense Department's Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2), viewed by officials as a sort of holy grail for future warfare, is envisioned to be a large of network -- or an interconnected network of service-specific networks -- that will rely on many traditional information technologies....

@#13 ... I believe those are called "alternative" or "conservative" facts. ...

Kellyanne Conway Defends White House's Falsehoods as 'Alternative Facts'

...Appearing on NBC's Meet the Press, Conway staunchly defended Spicer, and said his untrue statements were "alternative facts."

When asked by host Chuck Todd why Spicer used his first appearance in front of the press to proclaim falsehoods, Conway said Todd was being "overly dramatic" about the statement.

"You're saying it's a falsehood, and they're giving -- Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts to that," she said.

Todd countered Conway: "Alternative facts are not facts. They are falsehoods." ...

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