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" 'A majority of Americans support impeachment, so whatever fantasyland you live in that doesn't accept a majority supporting impeachment as "strong public support," you can just go back to.

According to 538 aggregate about 47% support impeachment and removal.
#86 | Posted by JeffJ at 2019-12-10 01:23 PM"

The latest from 538 says:

"Overall, our tracker of impeachment polls shows that public opinion remains divided, with 48 percent of Americans in favor of impeaching Trump and 44 percent opposed."


So, OK, 48% is a plurality and not a majority. It is a large enough plurality to be within the statistical variation of a majority. Beyond the actual numbers, it's probably more significant that there's been a definite, consistent shift towards favoring impeachment and away from opposing impeachment since mid-September.

BTW, the 538 poll is about impeachment and says nothing about removal.

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