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Hummer: you are pretty far wrong on your Trump comments:
-with no national security adviser on board, Der Dotard will be left more to his own musings, nearly all of which are based on ill-informed judgments driven by what he sees on TV. He's out of his depth strategically and so are those who will try to advise him
-Since the Saudis are controlling the Trump Crime Family for fun and profit, Donny Dangerous will react in a manner MBS and his criminal cabal dictate, whether right or wrong. Those at the top of the DoD and US military are already concerned about President Loudmouth talking smack. Of course, the Iranians know he will have a very hard time following through on his cheap threats
-Trump will do whatever he can to keep gasoline prices down, so as to try to save his position regarding the US auto makers and their working with the State of California on auto emissions. Any significant increase in gas prices further destroy's claims by the Trump administration about 'anti-trust' or 'collusion' between auto makers and their biggest domestic market. All but Trump will recognize that arguing for lower gas mileage at at time of rising gas prices is a loser of a position
-Attempts at a mutual-assistance treaty with Israel will go nowhere. The Senate will not ratify it, especially since it has come to light that Mossad has been spying on White House communications

Through his stupidity, arrogance and mixing business with statecraft Trump has put himself in a box on this matter, at a time when the world oil supply has been dinged. What a swollen brain this Dotard has...

Drudge Retort

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