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Wednesday, May 08, 2024

FTA - Research presented here provides more evidence that the overturning of Roe v. Wade has resulted in an increase in permanent contraception procedures, particularly among younger men and women. read more

Monday, April 08, 2024

A 2023 study that found that nearly 40% of U.S. dog owners believe canine vaccines are unsafe. About 37% of owners thought their dogs could develop autism from vaccination. read more

Monday, April 01, 2024

Tuberculosis rates in the U.S. rose by 16 percent in 2023, marking the third year that cases went up following nearly 30 years of decline. read more


FTA: That's because its bread has too much sugar, the court said Tuesday. The country's Value-Added Tax Act of 1972 says tax-exempt bread can't have sugar, fat and bread improver exceed 2% of the weight of flour.

I don't know why this article triggered my memory of Subway bread being ruled cake in Ireland.

FTA: There are countless iconic and memorable games of Jordan throughout his 15-year-long career. However, one of them that stands distinctively is the first-ever NBA game that Michael Jordan played. It was on October 26, 1984, when Jordan played his first game. He scored 16 points, and 7 assists in the game against the Washington Bullets (now known as Washington Wizards).

Arguably the best player ever had a similar first pro game.

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