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Okay Joe and CS, here is my take on it: Fani banging Wade does not necessarily have anything to do with Trump's crimes. The issue, from a judicial point of view, is a bigger one than the guilt or innocence of anything single defendant. Our system is based on both propriety and the appearance of propriety. Fani ------- Wade is sordid and vulgar. It makes it appear they are in cahoots, which in itself is fine. But it appears (to me) as if she has lied about the relationship, the length of the relationship, and financial aspects of the relationship. Let me emphasize, in the eyes of many, many people, myself included, she is a LIAR. Now you can reasonably argue that she has the right to lie about her personal relationships. But it becomes really problematic when the person she is ------- she then appoints as chief prosecutor in what is arguably one of the most important criminal cases in the last twenty years. Who knows what promises and understandings she and Wade have reached? Who know what else, if anything, she has lied about. If my client were being prosecuted by this duo, especially in a high profile case, I would be screaming to high heaven. The defendant, be it Donald Trump or John Doe, can be prosecuted with equal force for the alleged crimes by almost any prosecutor without this glaring appearance of impropriety. The only reason you, me, and the vast majority of the nation want the judge to keep her on the case is we are rightfully worried that this will delay the jury trial until after the Election, and we the voters will never know for certain whether or not Trump is guilty before casting our votes. But from a jurisprudential point of view, there is a serious problem here.

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