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Friday, January 10, 2020

President Donald Trump falsely claimed on Thursday that he deserved credit for the Nobel Peace Prize recently awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. read more

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Chris Cillizza: Gallup has been tracking the ideological composition of the Democratic Party for decades. And in 2019, for the first time, those identifying as liberals comprised a majority of all Democrats (51%), while 34% describe themselves as moderates and 13% say they are conservatives. That's a massive change from Gallup data in 1994, when the breakdown looked like this: 48% moderate, 25% liberal, 25% conservative. read more

Monday, December 23, 2019

MEXICO CITY " Mexico recorded 31,688 homicides between January and November this year, representing a 2.7 percent increase compared to the same period in 2018, according to the country's Secretariat of Public Security on Friday. The number of intentional homicides between January and November in 2018 was 30,852. The year ended with a total 33,743 murders recorded, representing an average of 92.4 homicides per day, according to the Secretariat, which keeps track of crime rates in Mexico. If the trend observed throughout 2019 continues in December, with a monthly average of 2,880 homicides, the year could end as the most violent in Mexico's history. In November, 2,921 cases were recorded, which was 45 more than that of October, the Secretariat said in its monthly crime report.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) just added a few hundred new members to her fanbase. Wednesday morning marked the foundation of the "Obama alums with Warren" club: a tweet-friendly way of describing aides of former President Obama who are backing Warren for the 2020 election. More than 200 Obama alumni have put their names of a list of Warren endorsers, providing a massive hit to Joe Biden as worries about his viability persist, CNN first reported. The list is a result of an organizing effort by Sara El-Amine and Jon Carson that took less than a week. El-Amine was the national director of Obama's 2012 campaign, while Carson was Obama's national field director in 2008. Aides spanning both of Obama's terms and presidential campaigns can be found on the list, including former U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford and Obama alumni working for Warren already. The mass endorsement currently totals 231, but Carson and El-Amine said they're still looking to add to the list.

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

On Tuesday, Virginia Democrats retook control of the state House and state Senate -- giving the party total control of the legislature and the governor's mansion for the first time in nearly three decades. read more


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