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"Dude refute any of it."


Walk me through how Putin "installed" a puppet.

And then walk me through how he killed half a million people.

#54 | Posted by madbomber

Oh we have to go back to basic facts do we?

Sure. Putin helped trump get elected. Although we dont know all of trump's financial ties to putin because mueller was forbidden to investigate it, we know trump lied about not having any business deals in moscow. He in fact was planning a putin suite in trump tower moscow. We know putin was the only one to keep giving trump loans when all other banks realized he's a bad investment. We know the dueche bank whistleblower with info on the matter was just assassinated in LA. We know trump was buying properties and then flipping them to russian oligarchs for far more than he paid at far above market rate.

Trump knew putin was supporting him in the election and instead of reporting it to the FBI, he welcomed that help. Paul Manafort was inexplicably selected a trump's campaign manager. Manafort's previous job was getting putin puppets elected in democracies across europe. Manafort charged trump NOTHING, but was in debt to russian oligarchs for 17 million. Trump shared polling data with putin, that putin used to target his troll armies on swing districts, spread anti hillary propaganda and encourage bernie fans to hate hillary. This is called colluding. When you commit a crime with someone THEY OWN YOU because they can expose your crimes at any time. So putin had power over trump. And trump started repaying him immediately by changing the GOP platform to let putin keep crimea. Then he selected putin's favorine oil exec to be secretary of state, despite him having no qualifications for the job, other than the fact that he'd profit massively from getting sanctions on russia lifted. Trump tried to lift the sanctions, but congress blocked him with a veto proof vote. When our intelligence agencies said putin helped trump win, trump said he believed putin over them. Trump fired all the people with institutional knowledge on russia from the state department and tried to back out of NATO, but was stopped by his team.

As for his half million american deaths, there was this thing called covid 19. And it made trump look bad. So instead of doing all he could to save american lives, he attacked reality instead and tried to make americans think it was no big deal, and it was being exaggerated to harm trump. So it became a sign of loyalty to trump and opposition to libs to reject covid science, eat horse paste, and not wear masks or get vaccinated, which is estimated to have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

Congrats. You're all caught up now.

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