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I've heard much worse coming from DR Libs and their bigotry towards Christians. Why get all butt hurt about it now?

"We are probably headed for a Civil War and many of us will be killed. Thanks Trump. We should remember it, if and when it happens as the Trump Civil War. The name Trump should be forever turned into a hateful epithet."

Funny enough, all I've ever heard from the Cons side is that California and other Liberal states need to break out of America or just go away. What I hear from Libs is that Reps are terrible people and we will have a civil war and they should all die.

When Libs start looking at themselves and how they stop being hypocrites, they can get back to their former glory. Right now, they are just a bunch of Glenn Becks who babble on a lot, do nothing, and throw bigoted remarks towards anyone who has a different opinion from them.

#7 | Posted by humtake

You've confused bigotry toward tyranny with bigotry toward christians.

You can believe whatever stupid fairytale you want, but when you then want your fairytales taught as facts, and want real facts to be taught as opinions, and want to tell other people what they can do with their bodies and who they can marry, then your fairy tales are interfering with others' lives, and yeah, I'm a bigot against tyranny like that.

Republicans ARE terrible people. And you're not christians. You just wrap yourself in the maryrdom of christianity. But christ cared about kindness to immigrants and the poor. Repubs take healthcare from the sick and poor to give tax cuts to the rich. Republicans all joined the cult of the antichrist in 2017. We're not bigots towards christians. We're bigots towards trump's cult of hate filled morons.

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