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Please name just one single gasoline car maker who gets more than twice in subsidies than it earns. Why do you lie so much?

What is your next fake argument?

#11 | Posted by goatman

Since when are subsidies compared to earnings? You're data mining for a figure that will make EVs look worse than they are.


"America spends over $20bn per year on fossil fuel subsidies." If you dont like subsidies, you should be about 25 times more angry about that than you are about tesla's subsidies, but not a peep about them from the fake subsidy hawks.

I'll chime in since I bought one of these.

Mine had a few flaws that you could see were the results of rushed production. Little things like plastic clips in the wheel well that weren't attached. The leather on the steering wheel wasn't tucked in properly. A couple tiny paint flaws. But tesla fixed them all for me and gave me a nicer tesla to drive while they worked on it. But I can see why a company who is buying a ton of them wouldnt have the patience to deal with these little imperfections.

Honestly I can't imagine ever going back to a gas car. Gas cars all feel like clunky slow loud ancient technology after driving this thing. I've driven other EVs before buying a tesla and they all drive really smooth. It's just a better way to go, especially if you care about the future but still want to have fun driving. There are other good EVs out there. I considered a chevy volt and BMW i3, but I figured I'd vote with my dollars and support the company that's doing the most to help save the planet instead of the companies who are cheating emissions tests and bribing politicians to lower fuel economy standards. Also tesla is still the only EV you can easily take long distance road trips with because the charger network is so good. Despite the imperfections, I'm happy with the car and still look forward to every errand I get to run in it.

Tesla is still struggling to become a real car maker. Hopefully they can fix their production flaws because they do exist, but media reports are overblown. There is an organized effort by fossil fuel profiteers to flood the media with anti tesla stories and short the stock in order to try and kill tesla before it kills them.

As for nulli, whining about virtue is something that people do when they have no virtue.

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