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A couple years back I found some checks from 20+ years ago the address was 3 or 4 address old and the bank had been bought twice since then. I decided to try and use one just for a lark. It eventually cleared but it took several extra days because while the account number was the same the routing number was a couple banks old. I guess there is some database with old routing numbers cause it got there. When I have to write a check these days I have the bank issue one I don't know why anyone even bothers getting a checkbook these days. Venmo, CashApp and Zelle all work better for both sending and receiving money. I'm trying to get my boss to set up a Venmo for the company since we stopped accepting cash now I have to use my card and pay 3% processing fee. I might threaten to use my old checks if he doesn't set up a Venmo.


This is something I noticed about a month ago but it does seem the current trend is to lump us X'ers in with Boomers. I'm just curious where it's coming from. From my perspective as part of the youngest third of X'ers it seems wholly unjustified but looking at the oldest third of X'ers it makes sense.

I think perhaps that's been one of the reasons X never had much of an identity. Just as an example the oldest X'ers were starting to drive in the midst of the 70's oil crisis the younger ones were still in diapers when it ended. College is another good one in 1983 when the oldest X started college costs were tracking pretty closely to inflation and a year at a public university would cost about 2500 in 2021 dollars for us in the last third the acceleration in cost was underway and it cost us almost twice that. Of course the Millennials got screwed even hard as in the 2000's it accelerated even more but us young X'ers got the first taste of college sticker shock.

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