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Sunday, August 16, 2020

The collared shirts and ties weren't typical summer school attire, but this wasn't a typical summer school. Along with the whiteboard, math equations, and reading assignments, this program had a pay day. Not for the instructors, though they were compensated too, but for the teenagers being tutored. read more


I agree and I agree that it was always going to be a multi year thing. My point which you touched on was the more normal. I know that no matter what we did normal was not coming back for a long time. However more normal would allow people to adapt without completely changing their lives. Instead because of slow response, aggressive anti-mask campaigns, and almost 0 effort at extensive testing and contact tracing we have the same multi-year issues but the impact is magnified.

I know how you see what I'm saying as being Trump like but I'm pretty good at reading people and seeing trends. What I am saying is what I am seeing, the corona fatigue is real and is in a large part due to the botched initial response.

Serious measures should have been needed for only a couple months while we ramped up PPE production, testing and a system for contact tracing. Then we could have settled into a new normal. Instead we did next to nothing and now we don't know if the guy behind us in line will be the one to give us Covid or not. We can't be afraid of everyone so we end up afraid of no one. Or we crack up.

We need an endgame, I don't know if it's too late to do what we should have in March or not but if not we need to do it before people just quit caring. If you think I'm just talking like Trump you couldn't be more wrong. However if something doesn't give soon the attitude of just ignore it will get to common and we really will no way to end it until it just burns out with a million or more dead.

Never heard of Sturgill Simpson before but his cover of Nirvana's In Bloom is amazing!


Thanks Corky if it wasn't for his T-shirt I would have missed something great.

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