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Yup it was a wall here is a shot of the building from another angle. www.google.com Hennessy (the cats name) had to clear the wall and not overshoot the grass strip an impressive feat.

Unfortunately as of Friday night he is still missing.


She makes the median household income in the state herself, I make more than the median household income myself so we are over double the median household income, what better job are you proposing?

I've actually looked at doing my part time gig full time and being my own boss. I probably will soon I just need a couple more years to build my customer base up. Right now I've reached a level where I can't really make anymore at my part time gig because I'm already working as much as I can I'm raising my prices next season and if I stay as busy at the higher price that will be a big sign to go full time. The next thing I'm looking for is the point where I lose business because I can't get to people. This past winter I lost a few but most people were willing to wait the only reason I'm not taking that as time to go full time is it was a weird year with people stuck at home and getting stimulus money so doing more home repairs. If this year is as busy it might be time.

She manages one of the two profitable stores and has made it way more profitable since she took over, that's a big reason he keeps throwing more money at her. When she took over the store was just meh, now it is one of the top 10 in the nation. He started having her train other store managers hoping she can teach them to duplicate her success, so I don't think he likes losing money. The store that is losing money is on a long term lease so he can't close it for a couple more years, he's hoping she can train them to make it profitable or at least even until the lease is up. For the most part he is not keeping people on his payroll he doesn't need but he does need better people he just can't get them.

Why does frinkiac.com pop in my head when I read speaks posts?

Drudge Retort

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