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Thursday, June 04, 2020

Just watch no description does it justice read more

Sunday, May 31, 2020

In another extraordinary example of pure humanity coming out of Louisville, a group of Black men formed a human chain to protect a police officer from the riotous crowd after he was separated from his group. read more

Monday, April 13, 2020

We've heard very little in the way of news from the project in the years since, but now comes word that original voice actors Rob Paulse, Jess Harnell and Tress MacNeille are set to return as Yakko, Wakko and Dot, while Pinky and the Brain will also be back to continue their quest to take over the world.



Yeah I started following all of those race much more carefully about 5 years ago. It started with the school board and some issues but once I got doing the research it snowballed into every state and local election since. My wife is less interested in politics so usually she just gets my slate of local candidates and goes with that but even so that puts her well ahead of 90% of local voters.

As to the judges we had one here who was kicked off the bench for public intoxication specifically he peed on a guys bush while drunk. He was not disbarred and became a lawyer instead. One of my buddies was arrested on 6 felony drug counts and he was the lawyer for him. The court session was impressive to watch. The guys boyfriend was charged with the same counts but had a different lawyer. So he goes up and she is a bulldog throws most of the charges back on my friend and the boyfriend gets off with some public service hours. So my friends lawyer gets up there and after this big impassioned defense I'm expecting something similar. Nope he stands up says "Your Honor my client is a good kid who made some mistakes and has learned a valuable lesson here, we are asking for the felony diversion program. Are we still on for tennis this Saturday?"

My friend got felony diversion which according to the law with 6 counts and the quantities involved he should not have even been eligible for. That was the moment I realized how screwed up our judicial system is, I mean yay for my friend but, man that's messed up.



So it is being studied with some early success but of course lots of stuff we have seen has early success but washes out with more research. It would be nice to gargle some CBD and go about your day not worrying about covid but I'm not going to get too excited yet.



We could set up mobile testing sites with instant results at events heck they could just drive around in cities and wherever there was a gathering set up and test. If anyone tests positive everyone there goes into quarantine for 14 days. Combine that with consistent mask usage and we'd have this knocked out in a month.


I was never great at CS generally first person shooters are not my thing. UT was the one exception and I thought I was good till I played some of the tournament guys. Yeah I might have been better than average but in no way was I good. I was always a RTS guy and I hate that the genre has died off.

I met Mark Rein back in 98 I was his go to guy for testing computers because I could take off the shelf ones and customize them to the specs he needed same day. He was an incredibly loyal customer after the first time I bailed him out when he needed 5 systems set up just so and his normal place couldn't do it. He came in with his list and 3 hours later rolled out 5 computers with upgraded ram and video cards. He was a very lucrative customer for a commission sales person to have, he would do that a few times a year. Anyway as thanks for that first time he gave me a copy of Unreal so I was playing that from jump. He also gave me UT about a month before the release and over the years various video cards and ram chips that they were done testing on. From '99-'02 I had pretty fly build your own computers partially from that partially because Intel would hook up sales people. My last computer I built before getting out of computers was a P4 3.06GhZ with hyper-threading a GeForce TI4400 video card and 512MB ram. In 2002 it was just blazing! It's still running.

Of course now thanks to Fortnite he's one of the richest guys in town and owns a hunk of the Carolina Hurricanes. Since I haven't been in computers for years we've lost touch. He lives in a gated community and when I was in there for another customer I dropped a business card in his mailbox. Maybe if he needs his fireplace repaired he'll hit me up and I can score some Canes tickets if hockey ever comes back. BTW he's a super nice guy, if you didn't gather that, despite at the time driving a Porsche. Until I met him I assumed only douches drove Porsche.

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