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Saturday, March 21, 2020

The accompanying chart allows you to follow the disease's progression by country. It uses what's called a logarithmic scale " exponential growth at different rates will appear as straight lines of different steepness. The steeper the line, the faster the total number of coronavirus deaths is doubling. The number of deaths from the illness known as Covid-19 provide one of the most reliable measurements of the pandemic's impact around the world. Testing rates for the virus differ so much that the number of positive results in a given country is not a precise barometer of how many people are afflicted.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Called the Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act (EARN IT Act), the bill would require tech companies to meet safety requirements for children online before obtaining immunity from lawsuits. You can read the discussion draft here.


Ford debt downgraded to junk status www.barrons.com

Maybe not the best time to use them as an example?


I am aware of the math and aware of the effects of the US system on the spread of viruses.

What I get pissed at is folks like bored and a few others I've run into acting like people who have to work are to blame for having to work. Heck even if a shelter at home order goes out I'm in construction/home repair which most shelter at home orders are exempting so even if one were to go in place (probably Friday in my county) I'm still out there working. Honestly since I am immune compromised I wish to heck I could just hunker down in a fort built of TP but ya know, thanks capitalism.

I can't even get upset with my employer we are a small company and I doubt he has the resources to close up indefinitely our rent is probably astronomical and we would lose a ton of customers. Since builders aren't closing up if we aren't there to do it they will go to another company who doesn't shut down. Once the customer is gone it's unlikely they will come back. So really the only hope for me of sheltering in place is I get it AND am symptomatic or a shelter in place order that does not exempt construction and/or home repair.

Effective Monday we are reducing hours and he is paying us for full time so that might help a bit. Also the bulk of my time at work is solo in the field so I'm not around many people on any given day. Mostly just co-workers, and being a big warehouse we are doing a decent job of maintaining 6 feet, and my family. Unfortunately my wife is in retail also a small company so she has had to work as well. Now come Friday it looks like she will be shut down and able to apply for unemployment which will reduce our exposure more. I just hope the owner of the company has the resources to come back after. It's an even smaller business than mine so it's possible that he won't.

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