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"In fairness biden also lied.

He said he was against dictators yet he suckss zionazi dick chronically. He also said he supports Ukraine but the record shows he will do anything to extend that war and pump Raytheon stock."


"dictators" "sionazi"? Hmmm, as bad as that Israeli president is and he is bad you get no argument from me on that but, he was elected in a fair election and how can a Jew be a nazi by the way? Is he building rail lines to extermination camps with gas chambers? Do they do experimental surgery on their prisoners or gas 10,000 of them a day? No. I think you just hate Jewish people... and probably Moslems too for that matter as there is 1.5 million Moslems in Israel and you seem to ignore that fact when they were invaded by your poster boy heroes Hamass who blasts them, weekly and yearly with projectiles. By the way, there is a war going on over in Sudan which is ten times larger than the conflict in Gaza but you seem not to mind in your antisemitic BS diatribe. I guess 'that' war did not make it through your slanted algorithms that your cel phone feeds you on a daily basis packed with abject propaganda right out of the Mullahs hands in Iran. Why all the fuss about the poor Moslems getting whacked in Gaza but not one word of the mass raping, displacement and murdering going on just further south in Africa where over 10 million people face death from starvation or murder? Do you hate black Moslems or something or only wars that Jews are involved in matter as we all know that the Holocaust never happened like your friends back in Iran and on college campus in the west will tell you. Here is a hint, All war is evil spread the word.

You know what I see on this site? I see that left is split on this issue and it might lead to us getting stuck with that real live Nazi in this next election for POTUS and I do not mean Biden. However, my dear fellow progressives and leftists you may really wish to think hard about this next election and do the right thing and vote for Biden and not abstain or we could end up in a lot worse situation in the Middle East and, if you think the Israelis are hard on the people in Gaza now, then expect that do be multiplied with this upcoming war with Hezbollah. I am sorry to state this but, the fact remains that Jews inhabited that part of the world thousands of years before any Moslems came to exterminate them along with any other religious groups that lived there. Just like ISIS killed and enslaved the Yazidi tribes, whenever a hyper religious Moslem clan of criminals and gangsters (read Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan and Hamas in Gaza) get together they enslave the women for sexual ------- and kill all the men that do not bow down before their idol. By the way, how many Jews or Christians are allowed to live in the 52 Moslems states on the planet right this minute anyways? Not too many last I checked. Why no bitching and whining about this? I have nothing against those folks in Gaza and I feel for them, but I can honestly say they hate me just because I am an American citizen and would put a bullet into my head given the chance or grab my pretty wife and used her as a sex slave for kicks...just because Allah told them they can in their twisted interpretation of their Koran. And, if you were standing on the other side of that Israeli boarder when they came across, much like the Jewish folks in those Kibbutz that had embraced the Arabs coming over to work as a peace gesture, they would have done the same to you as they did them. Hamas drove trucks around with naked murdered victims and they laughed or spit on the poor women. They also stood by while they hauled wounded and raped Jewish men and female (sex slaves) through their hospitals and did not even blink as they watched them haul them into closets, that were really entryways for a hidden tunnels leading to other tunnels. Open air prison my arse! Egypt and Jordon both have corridors to that area which they controlled prior to the October 7 massacre and Gazas population has almost doubled in the past decade. They teach hatred in their schools against Americans, Christians and of course their long time enemies the Jews and have brainwashed an entire generation of young Gazans with this poison. I guess that does not matter in your modern quest to exterminate all the Jews as of course in your algorithm brainwashed minds the Jews are the root of all evil in the world today as that is what your cel phone tells you to think. I really hate to break it to you tender youthful cel phone clutching young people, but ALL WAR IS EVIL and evil ---- goes down during war and this one is no different. We bombed Germany into defeat as well as Japan and if you were there then you would have tossed a fuss as we were killing "women and children"? Yeah, that is what happens when you have a war...ask the folks of Ukraine and Sudan whom you ignore in favor of your hatred of Jewish people beating on those that would and have stated they would exterminate every last Jew on the planet. I know another rant from Wildman62, who does not live in the USA by the way but in a small American Country where I the only white guy in the neighborhood go figure. I get so tired of misinformed leftists and so-called progressives ignoring history and facts concerning this conflict and telling everyone that they will not vote as "Biden does not do what they wish concerning this conflict. Well, don't vote for him and see what that gets you with that fat orange, woman and child raping grifter traitor gets you if you do not vote.

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