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I live in a latin American country that has received tens of thousands of Venezuelans and Colombians and while we welcomed them at first Chilean citizens have had it with them and are quickly becoming xenophobic from the violent crime that the under class dregs of Venezuela and Colombia bring in with themselves. The first few years, it was the white collar classes then came then the street urchins, who are brining guns and gangs into the country.... thugs on well over 380,000 motorcycles, all with the stupid Uber Eats box on their backs not only delivering food but guns, drugs. We have 38 car jackings per day in Santiago alone. Almost all my neighbors are now from either Colombia or Venezuela and while the vast majority are nice family people their cousins are out of control. We had four police murdered by these immigrants in just four days, one a pregnant female cop. That right wing ------- President Pinera stood on a bridge that divides Venezuela and Ecador and invited these people into the country then left office for the left wing President to deal with the flood of immigrants crossing the Altiplano in the north. The violent crime as gotten so bad that the right wing demanded we bring in the " Duro mano" and the army into the streets to battle them. Instead they changed the law so that if you break a law and cannot prove who you are or where you are from, a game the criminal immigrants play here with the cops, you will stay in jail until you can who you are and where you are from. Venezuela refuses to allow Chile to deport their criminal scumbags back to them and the UN gives Chile ---- if they try to send a plane back to that disaster of a country led by criminals pretending to be communists. Irony is that the right winger in Latin America hate these immigrants and scapegoat them in the abject media reporting but the truth is that these people in just five years living as a legal resident of Chile will be allowed to vote and they will all vote with the right ring....they hate all things socialism even though they gather free food, education and health care at Chilean tax payer expense. In just five years they can vote and will squish the left with well over a million of them here now. The USA is gonna face the same issue in the elections as the right wing apes and Triumpanzees scream about the so-called "open the boarder". Democratic Joe Biden is screwing over his own party letting 500,000 of them in to work if you ask me. I love immigration and I am an immigrant in Chile but when will the young strong men and women from Venezuela go back and take back their country from these devils running it? I see young Ukrainians dying in droves to free their country from Putler but I guess the Venezuelans are just cowardly to do the same? We should stop them at the boarders take their men and train them to fight. Arm them and send them back from Brazil, Ecador, Peru, Colombia, Chile and the USA in a pincer movement to liberate their country which is ran by jackets of the worst sort.

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