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I have been in crushes at big concerts back in the day - I was a metal head when I was young and dumb. Always general admittance and with a group - had to be as near to that stage as possible... I helped pick up a few small women out of the crowd to hand to the security line. I remember this one girl - couldn't have been 5'2" and maybe 100 pounds getting just crushed into my back by the crowd. I looked back and she had a dazed look then her eyes kind of rolled. I thought she was a goner but once me and another guy I was with managed to get her lifted up (not easy as she was out) she came around pretty quick and we sent her over the fence to security.

Watching that crowd in action in DC was far worse than those arena crowds. That crowd was aiming to crust the police line and were organizing surges. I am surprised more people didn't die - especially watching video and seeing the photos of people getting trampled.


Have a similar story. Was at a Van Halen concert @ Portland Meadows race track about 25 years ago. Saw this smaller girl on the ground looking up with the fear of death in her eyes as she was starting to be walked over, she couldn't had to be 17ish. So I'm yelling at people to give me room there is a girl being trampled here. I grabbed her arm pulled her up, and asked if she was OK, she had a scared but thankful look and nodded yes, I asked if she wanted out of this crowd she nodded yes again, so I grabbed her by the arm and led her out.

Then she said she had to go back because she lost her shoe, I said "no" we are not going back for your shoe. She said she got separated from her friends but they had a meet up point at a certain time. I advised she not go that deep back into the crowd, she agreed not to.

So after some of the questionable and stupid things I did in my young life, my good deed was saving a highschool girl from getting trampled.

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