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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, in an extremely rare move Tuesday, took control of the Senate floor and is forcing a procedural vote on a bill, a step that is typically done only by the Senate majority leader. read more

Monday, September 21, 2020

To its backers, Prenda microschools represents a "return to the one-room schoolhouse" of the past, empowering parents to educate their children in intimate settings away from the cruel public-school bureaucracy. read more

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Actions by police officers, including witness tampering, violent interrogations and falsifying evidence, account for the majority of the misconduct that lead to wrongful convictions, according to a study released Tuesday by the National Registry of Exonerations that focused on the role police and prosecutors play in false convictions in the U.S. read more

Saturday, September 12, 2020

About 625,000 essential workers in Michigan, who worked during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown and don't have a college degree, are eligible for free college under a plan detailed Thursday by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. read more

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Steven Greenhouse: It has long been confounding that President Donald Trump's strongest supporters are Whites with only a high school education. This is bewildering because the Trump administration has repeatedly and systematically hurt America's blue-collar workers and favored corporations over them. read more


A question I have not yet seen a complete answer to is: why did the police make the mistake of going into the wrong apartment in the first place?

The police were at the RIGHT apartment but at the WRONG TIME. At one time, the man they were looking for, Taylor's previous boyfriend, used to live at that apartment. I haven't heard when he moved out. In any event, the previous boyfriend was ALREADY IN POLICE CUSTODY at the time of the raid.

What's even more troubling is that an attempt was made to get the previous boyfriend to Taylor in his criminal activities. The boyfriend refused.

During the televised statement yesterday, the AG stated that even though the police had a No Knock warrant, they knocked and announced themselves. This is non-sense! Why would they do that? But, one civilian came forth to state that the police did knock and announce themselves. However, what's missing from the AG's statement was that multiple other witnesses, including the current boyfriend, said they did not knock or announce themselves. When you consider that someone unsuccessfully tried to get Taylor's previous boyfriend to implicate her, it makes you wonder whether or not they incentivized someone to state that the police did not. By not having a trial, Taylor's attorney can not get to assess the truthiness of the lone witness to the knock and announcement.

Finally, the current boyfriend was initially charged but later released. They also falsified the police report. If the police did it fact knock and announce their presence, I would expect the current boyfriend will be re-arrested and charged with interference in the lawful execution of a warrant. I suspect that he won't be charged because then his attorney would rip a gaping hole in the AG's decision. If I were a member of Taylor's family, I would use some of the proceeds of the settlement to pay the attorney fees of the current boyfriend so that he can sue the PD and expose the injustice that has taken place.

Unless they never again win the House, Senate and White House simultaneously, the constitution gives Democrats plenty of ways to restore our democracy even without resorting to McConnellism or Trumpism. They can expand the electorate by restoring the Voting Rights Act, making voter registration universal, and passing comprehensive immigration reform. They can blunt (if not entirely offset) the GOP's Senate advantage by granting statehood, and two senators apiece, to Puerto Rico and Washington DC. They can undo the effects of McConnell's court-packing by expanding the bench " not just the supreme court, but lower courts as well.

What's notable about all of these positions is that they stop far short of what the constitution allows. They don't involve granting voting rights to recent immigrants, splitting California into seven states, restricting the supreme court's right to review most cases, or any other long-shot scheme. In other words, should Democrats ever regain power in Washington, they won't have to choose between ambition and caution. They can exercise both " and thanks to favorable demographic trends and the overall popularity of much of their policy agenda, they can be confident that they can maintain power by reflecting, rather than ignoring, the people's will.

What's missing from the list of hardball options is 1) granting of statehood to the Virgin Islands; 2) increasing the number of members in the HOR and 3) not just increasing the number of justices on the supreme court but reorganizing how it works.

The reason repubs are ok with Trump's actions AT THIS TIME, is because they know that a demographic change favoring democrats is happening and this is their final gasp at holding onto power.

I am not at all upset or surprised by repubs action to replace RBG during the final year of a presidency because if Biden wins, this action, with the help of a dem senate, can be nullified and other disastrous Trump policies can be erased. Furthermore, I feel that TREMEMDOUS pressure will be placed on Biden and other dems to FULLY implement the hardball solutions outlined in the article.

Even if Biden doesn't win and the dems retain the HOR and take the Senate, Trump's goose is cooked; he will be impeached, convicted and tossed onto the street so NYC, NY State and the feds can have a run at that fat @$$.

The nightmare scenario is Biden loses and repubs retain the senate.

If dems are fortunate to take over congress and the White House, they must understand that half measures WILL NOT WORK. They must go all in. The current crop of elected repubs are bad actors, are anti-democracy and are acting in bad faith. They can't be negotiated with.

A few weeks ago, I was called a "monster" for suggesting that teachers may lose their jobs if they don't go back to the classroom. I was not advocating that they lose their jobs just suggesting that innovation, technology and need would combine to reduce the importance of face-to-face teacher/student contact which could result in the loss of teacher jobs.

Remote learning with the student staying at home is not a viable solution because parents can't leave their children at home alone while they go out and earn a living. And what do you know: along comes Prenda to fill the gap.

I do not advocate Prenda but, with some enhancements (i.e. require more training, accountability, background checks, certifications, etc. on the part of guides), the "concept" of Prenda could be a platform to build on. In fact, un-employed teachers with children of their own could become guides for children similar in age to their own. While the teacher is instructing their own child(ren), they could be instructing other children.

A major question to be answered is where to get the content that would be used to "guide" the students. Answer: the school system could have teachers make a video their classes and make those videos available to the "guides".

Teachers won't like the concept of Prenda; there is no security, no union, no pension, etc. They would become just another cog in the gig economy. But, if we can't get back to face-to-face teacher/student interaction, something akin to Prenda could be in our future.

Recent guidance from the CDC indicates that 6 feet is not enough distance between people in an indoor situation to prevent the spread of the virus. The only way out of this pandemic is an accurate, rapid (i.e. a few minutes or less), cheap and easy to administer test. People, in large numbers, will not take any vaccine authorized by Trump administration officials until it becomes obvious that it is safe and effective. So, alternatives to large gatherings that will allow people with school age children to get back to work may be with us for a while.

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