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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

(CNN)The Department of Justice is quietly unraveling a complex web of shell companies and middlemen used by Russian oligarchs, and President Vladimir Putin himself, as it accelerates efforts to seize assets belonging to the Kremlin's most wealthy and influential players, the Justice official charged with leading the team hunting the assets told CNN on Thursday. Like other Russian oligarchs on the US sanctions list, Putin is a target for the Justice Department's corruption task force as it wages a global campaign against money-laundering Kremlin insiders in response to Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. read more

Thursday, April 28, 2022

(CNN)The United States and its NATO allies have thus far tried to prevent a direct confrontation with Russia, but while they may avoid military battle in Ukraine, other clashes are almost certain to follow. Russian President Vladimir Putin is keenly aware that the West, led by the US, has become the arsenal for Ukraine's defense against the Russian invasion. That defense has so far turned Putin's "special military operation" into a humiliating experience for the Russian strongman who, like other authoritarian leaders, doesn't take well to humiliation. That's why there's a very good chance that Putin will seek to exact revenge on the US. read more

Friday, April 01, 2022

Russian energy giant Gazprom said on Friday it was exiting its business in Germany, amid a dispute between the two countries over Moscow's insistence on switching payments for Russian gas to rubles from euros. It was not immediately clear how the move would affect the supply of Russian gas, on which Germany depends for about 40% of its needs. read more

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

January 6 committee sends message to DOJ as it recommends criminal contempt charges for 2 more Trump advisers: Do your job read more

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Alabama's governor is demanding answers after a high school basketball team say they were forced to choose between their faith or a game. read more


... but at some point, there will almost certainly be a Republican president and a Republican Congress.

With draconian policies such as a ban on abortion, the likely hood of republicans controlling the Congress and WH any time soon diminishes as women in their child bearing years (and the men who love them) come to realize what republicans and conservatives have taken from them.

There is a reason that republicans abandoned their platform for the 2020 election and why Moscow Mitch refuses to state what policies republicans would implement if given control of the senate. It's also the same reason that Rick Scott, senator from Florida, came under intense pressure for stating a tax policy that republicans should run on for the 2022 elections. That reason? Republican policies suck. Republican office holders don't want republican voters to know what they are voting for. IOW: Just keep republican voters in the dark and feed them bulls..t.

Now that republicans are trying to appeal to the "working class", they are going to have to deliver for that "working class". Appealing only to their xenophobia is not a long term strategy. They will have to deliver substantive remedies for the issues that affect them. Elected republicans instinctively know this which is why many try to take credit for Biden's infrastructure bill which they didn't vote for.

And here is a special shout out to men that expect to abandon their responsibilities to children that they have fathered. What do you think the legal system is going to do to you when women can no longer get abortions and all of the babies resulting from a no abortion policy need support?

Putin calls opponents "scum and traitors" as Moscow announces new crackdown on "false information"

Putin and his henchmen are on a rampage to eliminate the "scum and traitors". This won't stop until the people of Russia revolt; not by peacefully marching in the street but by surreptitiously taking more vastly aggressive action.

The US and European countries need to declare Russia a terrorist state and let every country that continues to do business with them know that they risk any good relations they might have with the West.

Biden needs to declare a national emergency: Open every damn oil spigot we have in the US and flood the world market with US oil. Countries dependent of Russian oil need to have an alternate supplier. Let that supplier be the US and other countries that feel as we do.

Build out the nationwide EV charging station network ASAP and incentive car manufacturers to build more electric vehicles faster and consumers to buy more EVs.

Build more wind and solar farms. Pull out all of the stops. The less oil we use here the more that is available on the world market. Furthermore, any EV or renewable power generation technological advances we make here should be made available to our allies around the world at little or not cost so that they can also wean themselves from oil.

Environmentalists will be pissed of course, but such is the hand that Putin and other oil rich despots have dealt us. Production of oil, for the most part, is in the hands of people that hate the US. For many (most?) of them, oil is their only product. Deprive them of its use and reduce the strangle hold that they have on the world. Let them drown in their oil reserves.

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