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Yawn. I know smirkface. I grew up with smirkface. Smirkface is an empty suit. (Not the actual smirkface, but his behavioral twin) Smirkface is just barely smart enough to keep his mouth shut and not vocalize his stupidity. He slipped though. A few phrases here and there, a few sideways glances, and smirks too many. He unknowingly outed himself. Was smirkface's group chest thumping and escalating the confrontation? Was smirkface's group tomahawking? Did smirkface's parents hire a PR firm? Did smirkface say he was "standing his ground"? Did smirkface...smirk? Did smirkface try to say he was staring the Indian man in the face in an effort to de-escelate the situation? Smirkface asked for and received the attention he deserved. Now he's trying to use his privlege and money to change the narrative. But here is a newsflash for you. Lawsuit settlements are not admissions of guilt.

JeffJ, I think you are having such a visceral reaction because you see so much of yourself in the boy. The smirk we can all see in your posting. You think you're clever. You think one move past the the mind of a high schooler and think you're soo devious and smart! But the adults in the room see through your disingenuous comments. That's why you're made fun of for your fence sitting support of Trump. It's why you support smirkface. It's also why so many Reps hate those elitist libs! There is a tinge or elitism in liberal circles, some more than others. But most claims of elitism are actually your subconscious expressing its inferiority of mental capacity. You glibly lash out at thoughts, ideas, and concepts too complex, too emotionally or fundamentally challenging for your brain to consider because it would cause your worldview to radically change. Sometimes it's your ego that won't let you move on. Sometimes it's mental capacity. Sometimes it's pwning libs. Mostly it's insecurity.

Anywho, I wish you well on your journey of personal development. Don't give up hope. It helps to keep an open mind re-examine your own beliefs from time to time. But you'll get there....maybe. Critical thinking skills. So hard to develop on your own. Best of luck.

Drudge Retort

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