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Sunday, November 12, 2023

The Holy Father has removed Bishop Joseph E. Strickland from the pastoral governance of the diocese of Tyler, read more


Yav: Do many if any jurisdictions report police offenses by race of the policeperson?

Interesting. Why do you ask? Systemic racism is independent of the race of those enforcing the law. That's why it's systemic. It could be sort of interesting to research that, but I'm not sure what it would tell you. For instance, South Africa under Apartheid the patrol officers were 50/50 white/black. There is no way anyone could sanely argue it wasn't designed specifically to enforce systemic racism. That was its mission.

Back to the U.S. of A:
"Police violence and racism in policing in the USA are not new or unexplained problems; they are the current manifestations of a system that was built to uphold racial hierarchy for most of the USA's history."


As to the distribution being even, it's not even close. Blacks make up 12% of the population in America yet have a rate of 5.7 deaths by police per (generic) million of population. Whites have a 2.3 rate per million. www.statista.com

If you adjust for the percentage of population of each within the million those numbers are vastly different in scale and impact to the racial group. Why would you do that? To measure the relative impact to that particular group by race.

White (non-hispanic) 59.3%
White (other) 9.7%
(Total White is ~70%)
Hispanic 19%
Black 12%

Adjust the rates of "per million" and you get:
5.3 rate per million becomes 5.3/120,000 = x/1,000,000 or 44 deaths by police officer per million black lives.
2.3 rate per million becomes 2.3/700,000 = x/1,000,000 or 3.3 deaths by police officer per million white lives.

That ratio becomes 44/3.3=13.4 times impact black community versus white community.

That means there is a 1,340% greater impact of police death to the Black community over the White community. Think about the ramifications of that to the mindset of the people involved. What they hear. What they see. How much the experience it - one group way way more than the other, and the other group not seeing it and asks why are they so upset?

That statistic never gets calculated. We just roll everything up in the generic mix of "1,000,000" to get the 'per capita' number.

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