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Thursday, May 25, 2023

  • Two of Donald Trump's employees moved boxes of papers the day before an early June visit by FBI agents and a prosecutor to the former president's Florida home to retrieve classified documents in response to a subpoena...
  • Trump and his aides also allegedly carried out a "dress rehearsal" for moving sensitive papers even before his office received the May 2022 subpoena...
  • Prosecutors... have gathered evidence indicating that Trump... kept classified documents in his office in a place where they were visible and... showed them to others...

    Tuesday, May 09, 2023

    Six men and three women found Donald Trump liable after weighing the case in a two-week trial during which they heard her story of an attack in a dressing room decades ago. read more

    Monday, April 24, 2023

    Fox News says it has agreed to part ways with Tucker Carlson, its popular and controversial primetime host, less than a week after settling a lawsuit over the network's 2020 election reporting.

    Sunday, April 16, 2023

    The cost for FOIA on these schools has skyrocketed making it impossible for parents to find out what is going on, what schools are performing well, which schools are safe, which schools have decent curriculum, which schools have teachers with degrees. read more

    Thursday, April 13, 2023

    A federal appeals court late Wednesday declined to suspend the approval of the abortion pill mifepristone but left restrictions in place that would prevent it from being sent to patients in the mail. read more


    Waffles is speaking for Jesus now.
    Too funny.

    Not one word about abortion did Jesus ever say.
    It is covered in the OT, however.
    Jews fully understand it in the context of the Torah and have no issue with it. In fact it is the responsible thing to do in certain cases. An act of mercy. Mercy. If there's one thing we've learned "mercy" isn't even a glint in the mind of today's Republicans.

    But some loud mouthed self-righteous moralizing "christians" think abortion is just horrible, terrible, immoral, awful and that they have the right to dictate in law what a woman can do, what other religions can do, what people can do.

    Here's the thing: They're clueless as to their religious institutions stance of abortion for the previous decades, even millennium. They only know the "latest fad" about it being "bad." The reinvented cause that never existed before. The lie of a fetal heartbeat.

    Abortion was bad in the Catholic Church prior to the 1970's because it was viewed as trying to eliminate and/or hide the sin of sexual impropriety; adultery, fornication, etc. Not because the fetus was "alive." Not because the fetus had some "right to life"

    Then the "right" saw a political tool to exploit to get segregation back in place, to open "christian" schools, and to gain political power. This worked - because even though the Southern Baptists were never bothered by abortion, when they saw a way to use it they started preaching it as a "right to life" issue. Something they never, ever cared about and never believed before. And it spread.

    It's all a lie.

    Drudge Retort

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