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Friday, May 24, 2024

The Department of Justice and 30 state and district attorneys general across the country filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against Live Nation Entertainment and its wholly owned subsidiary Ticketmaster.



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... This fight has been long in coming: Music fans and other consumers, performers, independent venues and even members of Congress have argued that Ticketmaster, which merged with Live Nation in 2010, had artificially pushed ticket prices sky-high. Live Nation has long been a dominant player in the live event marketplace, with substantial holdings in venues, concert promotions, music festivals, ticketing, sponsorship, advertising and artist management " holding so much power across so many aspects of the business, the Justice Department alleges, that it is effectively able to limit its competition.

If successful, this suit could reshape the live event landscape -- and the prices fans pay to see their favorite performers -- across the country. ...

#1 | Posted by LampLighter at 2024-05-24 12:51 AM | Reply

Connecticut to join U.S. Justice Department in Live Nation, Ticketmaster lawsuit

... Connecticut will join the U.S. Justice Department and a number of other states in filing an antitrust lawsuit against nationwide ticket seller Ticketmaster and its corporate parent Live Nation Entertainment Inc., for allegedly monopolizing the live concert ticket sales industry, state Attorney General William Tong announced Thursday.

A total of 29 states and the District of Columbia are joining in the lawsuit, which contends that Ticketmaster and Live Nation control the live entertainment business at every level from the venues to ticket sales and concert promotions, as well as merchandising, Tong said. ...

#2 | Posted by LampLighter at 2024-05-24 12:52 AM | Reply

I'm glad the DOJ is finally taking this action but it is long past due. The DOJ should have taken action against ticketmaster back in the 90's when Pearl Jam refused to use them which resulted in the band being blocked out of booking dates at most of big concert venues in the country because Ticketmaster had exclusive contracts with them. It's only gotten worse since then with Ticketmaster now controlling the primary and resale markets as well as managing many of the top acts.

#3 | Posted by johnny_hotsauce at 2024-05-24 01:20 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 3

@#3 ... it is long past due. ...


As your comment notes, way past due.

But, sometimes, the gathering of evidence to prove a case takes time.

A single instance, such as your comment notes, is not enough to show a corporate strategy that can be proven.

I hope the DoJ prevails in this case.

#4 | Posted by LampLighter at 2024-05-24 01:34 AM | Reply

Ticketmaster has been Fn(king us for decades. I already have eternal respect for Pearl Jam, but their Ticketmaster fights added to it

#5 | Posted by hamburglar at 2024-05-24 06:48 AM | Reply

Once they get done with this, the DOJ should look at the 4 companies that monopolize oil and gas, the handful of companies that control the grocery industry, etc.

Stop allowing these mergers that destroy competition.

#6 | Posted by Nixon at 2024-05-24 09:56 AM | Reply

I don't think Ticketmaster has a single friend.

#7 | Posted by danni at 2024-05-25 07:26 AM | Reply

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