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But that was the ELECTED Prosecutor for the whole county, they cried, not the one named in the article.
Yeah, well that guy is a Democratic too.


So once again, I ask. WHY are Democrats persecuting this woman for having a miscarriage? I predict crickets ... ... or another volley of ad hominem attacks against me,like the last time this story came up.

Here is the prosecutor

#2 Tesla does have dealers. They have showrooms and separate service centers. They also have mobile service techs.

#5 As to non EV service departments, I almost always go out of state to buy new vehicles. That has never interfered with my ability to get warranty service from local dealers. They want your service business, even when you buy your vehicle elsewhere.

#6 Agree the biggest hurdle is recharge stations. California's pledge to go all Electric is a ridiculous pipe dream. Most LA resident's don't even have off-street parking, let alone access to a charging station at home or work. It would be interesting to see some numbers.

#10, #13 When a hurricane approaches, I fill my gas tank which takes about 2 minutes. Hundreds of thousands of people do the same, which can result in occasional shortages, and lines sometimes. How will that work with electric cars? How long will the lines be, considering you can't charge an EV in 2 minutes? I've lived through lengthy power outages. Most gas stations in my area have backup generators and reopen quickly, even when the grid is still down. Fuel deliveries also resume as soon as the storm passes unless the roads are completely wiped out. The EV infrastructure is nowhere near suitable for disaster preparedness.

#21 ReallY? You got a link for that? Google 1st Law of Thermodynamics.

#29 "Regenerative braking" isn't effective in heavy traffic, the vehicle has to be in motion for most of the cycle. "Starting and stopping" in a short cycle does not charge the battery. Because the "starting" part consumes the energy generated by the stopping part.

I installed a charging circuit for aN EV in my new home (50 amps) and planned to purchase one in the future as a second vehicle. I've decided to wait, after seeing a few lithium battery caused major fires. I won't risk burning down my new house.

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