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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

A state grand jury in Arizona on Wednesday indicted so-called "fake electors" who backed then-President Donald Trump in 2020, as well as key Trump aides, after a sprawling investigation into the alleged efforts to overturn Joe Biden's win in the presidential election in the state.

Three Republicans on Wednesday joined Democrats in the Arizona House to vote to repeal the state's controversial 1864 ban on nearly all abortions, which was revived by a court ruling earlier this month and which only includes exceptions to save the life of the pregnant woman.

The Gateway Pundit, a right-wing website known for spreading election conspiracies, will declare bankruptcy as it faces lawsuits for defamation. ... Those lawsuits include one from the Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, who sued the organization in Missouri, where it is based, after the website perpetuated false claims that the two had been involved in election fraud in Georgia.

Republican Senator Thom Tillis called one of his House colleagues a "waste of time", a bad leader, and a threat to the future of the GOP, according to a recent report. CNN's Erin Burnett played an audio recording of the senator trashing Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene during her show on Tuesday. "I think she's uninformed, she is a total waste of time," Tillis says on the recording. "She is a horrible leader. She is dragging our brand down. She -- not the Democrats -- [is] the biggest risk to us getting back to a majority."

Joe Biden will land a major union endorsement Wednesday from North America's Building Trades Unions, whose leaders say the president has his infrastructure bill largely to thank for it. read more

Neoliberal orthodoxy holds that economic freedom is the basis of every other kind. That orthodoxy, a Nobel economist says, is not only false; it is devouring itself. read more

A Polish pilot proposed to his flight attendant girlfriend during a flight from Warsaw to Krakow, and she said yes. read more

Poland is "ready" to host NATO nuclear weapons should the alliance move to reinforce its eastern flank bordering Russia, Warsaw has said. read more

Steve Benen: Last fall, Democrats wanted to pass a security aid package. Republicans responded that they'd support such a bill, but only if Democrats agreed to add conservative provisions related to immigration and border policy. Democrats agreed to the GOP's demands, negotiated a bipartisan border bill, and packaged the two policies together. Republicans, acting at Donald Trump's behest, killed the compromise plan they demanded. Republican leaders eventually agree to pass a security aid package without immigration and border reforms. read more

The US Senate has approved a $95bn (76bn) foreign aid package that includes military support for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. President Joe Biden is expected to sign the legislation into law on Wednesday. The Senate on Tuesday evening backed the measure passed by the US House of Representatives on Saturday. It includes $61bn in military aid for Ukraine, which the Pentagon says can start being delivered to the war-torn nation "within days". It passed in a bipartisan vote of 79-18. read more

The US Senate has approved a controversial landmark bill that could see TikTok banned in America. It gives TikTok's Chinese owner, ByteDance, nine months to sell its stake or the app will be blocked in the United States. The bill will now be handed over to US President Joe Biden, who has said he will sign it into law as soon as it reaches his desk. read more

Tucker Carlson gave Russian President Vladimir Putin a megaphone when Carlson demonized the idea of giving Ukraine aid to defend itself against Russia, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said during a press briefing. McConnell trolled Carlson about his February interview with Putin in Russia which was widely panned as fawning. Even Putin said he was disappointed that Carlson didn't ask him tough questions. read more

The Federal Trade Commission narrowly voted Tuesday to ban nearly all noncompetes, employment agreements that typically prevent workers from joining competing businesses or launching ones of their own. read more

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Meeting at London's Royal Society will scrutinise basic model first formulated in 1922 that universe is a vast, even expanse with no notable features read more

When asked by[CNN's Dana] Bash if she believed there should be exceptions for rape and incest, [South Dakota Governor Kristi] Noem, a potential VP on the GOP ticket, replied: "We rely in South Dakota on the fact that I am pro-life and we have a law that says there is an exception for the life of the mother, and I just don't believe that a tragedy should perpetuate another tragedy." read more


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