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Sunday, December 08, 2019
Saturday, December 07, 2019

The Supreme Court on Friday granted President Trump's emergency request to temporarily block a congressional subpoena for his financial records from Deutsche Bank. read more

The former Republican minority leader of the California state Assembly has left the GOP out of frustration with the direction his party has taken in recent years. read more

The Saudi national who killed three people Friday morning after opening fire in a classroom at a naval air station in Florida reportedly hosted a dinner party earlier this week where he and several others watched videos of mass shootings, a U.S. official said Saturday. read more

Last week, a ten-year-old whale was found dead on a beach in Scotland. A necropsy revealed 220 pounds of plastic and other trash congealed in clumps in his digestive system. read more

The House of Representatives' inquiry into President Trump's actions on Ukraine is not yet complete, but the evidence produced over the last two months is more than sufficient to persuade us that he should be impeached. read more

President Donald Trump displays his power with firm handshakes, a second scoop of ice cream, and towering salt and pepper shakers. ... Insider combed the photo archives and found that Trump more often than not gets much larger salt and pepper shakers than other foreign leaders or American politicians when dining at the White House. And we couldn't find instances of Trump's most recent predecessors using larger shakers than those of their guests. read more

Donald Trump's latest target for deregulation is Americans' toilets. The president on Friday said he ordered a federal review of water efficiency standards in bathroom fixtures and complained that "people are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times as opposed to once" in homes with low-flow appliances. read more

Dennis Overbye: It came out of the Northern sky, a frozen breath of gas and dust from the genesis of some distant star, launched across the galaxy by the gravitational maelstroms that accompany the birth of worlds. It wandered in the deep freeze of interstellar space for 100 million years or so, a locked vault of cosmo-chemical history. In Spring 2019 this ice cube began falling into our own solar system. Feeble heat from the sun, still distant, loosened carbon monoxide from its surface into a faint, glowing fog; the orphan ice cube became a new comet.

The overwhelming use of force is being questioned after a chase in Florida ended in a deadly shootout with police. It started when two men, who the FBI said were already wanted for two similar heists near Miami, robbed a jewelry store and hijacked a UPS van. After a 23-mile chase, the officers opened fire when the gunmen shot at them, leaving drivers in rush-hour traffic panicked and scrambling. he two men who police said robbed the jewelry store were killed. But so was 70-year-old Richard Cutshaw, who was waiting in his car at the intersection. The UPS driver who was taken hostage, Frank Ordonez, was also killed. read more

The 5-year-old boy, wearing a blue vest and a maroon bow tie, sat on a swivel chair in front of a judge as his kindergarten classmates filled two rows of courtroom seats behind him. The students held rulers adorned with paper hearts -- the theme being "love rules." The boy, Michael Clark Jr., was one of 36 children to be adopted on Thursday during Kent County's 23rd annual adoption day in Grand Rapids, Mich. Twenty-one kindergartners and several parents, teachers and school administrators attended Michael's hearing, said Carlye Allen, the principal of Wealthy Elementary School, where Michael is a student.

Friday, December 06, 2019

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said in an interview released this week that the man who killed black parishoners at a church in her state "hijacked" the meaning of the Confederate battle flag for people who felt it meant "sacrifice and heritage." Haley, in an interview with conservative radio host Glenn Beck, revisited the conversation around her decision in 2015 to remove the Confederate battle flag from the South Carolina statehouse after the shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Haley was widely praised for removing the flag.

Elon Musk did not defame a British diver who helped in last year's Thai cave rescue by calling him a "pedo guy" in a tweet, a US jury has found. Vernon Unsworth sought $190 million in damages from the Tesla founder, arguing that the tweet damaged his reputation. ... Unsworth's lawyer Lin Wood said their side would leave the court "with our heads held high" but that the decision was "not a good verdict for society". "This verdict sends a signal, and one signal only - that you can make any accusation you want to, as vile as it may be and as untrue as it may be, and somebody can get away with it," he said.

"The giant online retailer said it has signed a new lease for 335,000 square feet on the city's west side in the new Hudson Yards neighborhood, where it will have more than 1,500 employees," The Wall Street Journal reported. "Amazon is taking the space without any of the special tax credits and other inducements the company had been offered to build a new headquarters in the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City, the company said." read more

A Columbia University study in fruit flies has identified serotonin as a chemical that triggers the body's startle response, the automatic deer-in-the-headlights reflex that freezes the body momentarily in response to a potential threat. Today's study reveals that when a fly experiences an unexpected change to its surroundings, such as a sudden vibration, release of serotonin helps to literally -- and temporarily -- stop the fly in its tracks. read more


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