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Monday, May 27, 2024

Legendary basketball star Bill Walton, one of the best players in college basketball history, has passed away following a battle with cancer. He was 71 years old.



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Best color commentator ever. RIP, big man.

#1 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2024-05-27 03:26 PM | Reply

Great portrayals of him in Halberstam's Breaks of the Game. RIP.

#2 | Posted by Dbt2 at 2024-05-27 11:22 PM | Reply

sucks. cancer...

#3 | Posted by earthmuse at 2024-05-28 06:56 AM | Reply

I wonder if his old back-up, Ralph Drollinger, will show up at the feneral. Given the divergence in the political thought between Walton and Drollinger, I'll lay odds that its 5-1 Ralph passes, despite Drollinger being a preacher...

#4 | Posted by catdog at 2024-05-28 04:46 PM | Reply

It would probably be best if he stayed home.

Ralph Drollinger
Founder, Capitol Ministries
Updated: April 21, 2023
"Claimed to have led Bible study to Trump's Cabinet members. Among his teachings, the Earth was created in six days, women can't teach men, and the U.S. government is required by God to "moralize a fallen world through the use of force."

"Blamed the coronavirus pandemic on several groups, including those who have "a proclivity toward lesbianism and homosexuality." He added that the United States "is experiencing the consequential wrath of God."

"Wrote in 2018 that "reward[ing]" gay people "with the governmentally endowed privileges associated with marital status is to choose a path toward extinction."

"Attempted to expand his anti-LGBTQ Christian extremism in Ukraine by teaming up with an anti-LGBTQ member of Ukraine's Parliament, Pavlo Unguryan, and starting a prayer group like the one he led for members of the Trump administration. Unguryan called for a Pride parade in Kyiv to be banned, and said LGBTQ events would be "the first step towards the legalization of same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage, and then introduction of mandatory training programs for homosexual parenting." Unguryan also advocated against coming into compliance with European Union standards by banning anti-gay discrimination in employment.

#5 | Posted by LegallyYourDead at 2024-05-28 07:00 PM | Reply

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