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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

At least 57 members of the Afghan security forces were killed and dozens injured in overnight clashes with Taliban fighters across Afghanistan in the bloodiest day of fighting since the government and the armed group began peace talks in Qatar more than a week ago. read more

President Donald Trump forced both his current and former campaign managers to take pay cuts in the last two months, but nevertheless funneled another quarter-million dollars into his own cash registers. read more

While prosecutors last month suggested that they might be eyeing the Trump Organization for possible bank and insurance fraud, Monday's filing was the first time they had publicly said that their probe might encompass potential tax crimes. read more

Monday, September 21, 2020

The Trump administration is joining yet another suit that would repeal Obamacare and allow insurance companies to charge exorbitant rates to customers with preexisting conditions. read more

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pushed back Monday against Democratic allegations of hypocrisy over holding a vote this year on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement, arguing that historical precedent is on his side. read more

Chris Cillizza: Very soon, the United States will mark a somber milestone: 200,000 Americans will have died from the coronavirus. How did President Donald Trump commemorate this remarkable loss of life? This way: read more

Homeland Security has not yet come clean to the public about the full extent of its intelligence operations in Portland. read more

A North Carolina couple married for more than 50 years died of the novel coronavirus just minutes apart while holding hands, CNN reported. read more

On Friday, the CDC said that COVID-19 could spread through airborne particles that can remain suspended in the air and travel beyond six feet and recommended that people use air purifiers to reduce airborne germs indoors to avoid the disease from spreading. On Monday the CDC said it had posted that guidance in error and rescinded the Friday statement. read more

A federal judge on Monday ordered the U.S. Postal Service to expedite all November election mail and to approve additional overtime for postal workers. read more

Former Nashville Council Member Tony Tenpenny, a Trump-loving Republican who posted anti-face mask memes on Facebook, has died from complications resulting from being infected from COVID-19. read more

To its backers, Prenda microschools represents a "return to the one-room schoolhouse" of the past, empowering parents to educate their children in intimate settings away from the cruel public-school bureaucracy. read more

The Justice Department designated NYC, Portland and Seattle as "anarchist jurisdictions" under guidelines issued by President Trump earlier this month.
Trump's Sept. 2 memo directs federal agencies to minimize funding for designated cities. read more

In the predawn hours of March 30, Dr. Deborah Birx stepped in front of the camera on the White House lawn and made an alarming prediction about the coronavirus, which had, by then, killed fewer than 3,000 people in the United States. "If we do things together, well, almost perfectly, we can get in the range of 100,000 to 200,000 fatalities," Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force, told Savannah Guthrie of NBC News' "Today" show. read more

Stay-at-home orders due to the ongoing pandemic have upended a lot of plans--weddings have been postponed, concerts have been canceled, vacations have been pushed aside. But one thing that can't be kept down? Robert Wardhaugh's game of Dungeons & Dragons. For the past 38 years, Wardhaugh has been playing the same game of Dungeons & Dragons in Canada. Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game that usually involves lots of miniatures, lots of imaginary worlds, and lots of high adventure. Starting in 1982, that might make it the longest continuously running Dungeons & Dragons campaign, ever. read more


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